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Friday, 3 December 2010

Man Threatens Dutch Politician's Daughter

A man has been arrested in Rotterdam for making threats against the daughter of GroenLinks leader Femke Halsema.

He was posting on Twitter under the name "allah-u-akbar":

The 35 year old man, as has now been made known, was arrested on Tuesday. He threatened Halsema in September via twitter.com, under the name of allah-u-akbar. He also threatened Labour (PvdA) leader Job Cohen and centre-left D66 leader Alexander Pechtold, the police said Friday.

The suspect appeared on Friday before the investigating judge, who decided to remand him in pre-trial custody for 14 days. A further investigation will be carried out into the suspect. When this is completed, the Public Prosecutor's Office will decide how the case will be concluded.

Last month, it was made known that Halsema took her children away from the 'black school' in Amsterdam which they had been attending. It is not clear whether that decision was related to the threats.

Halsema sent her twins to a school with mostly black and Islamic children in Amsterdam-Oost for idealistic reasons. "They have now gone to another school. That is better for their welfare. Children are not a social experiment. For these reasons, I do not want to say anything, it is a matter of the privacy of my children," said Halsema last month in De Telegraaf newspaper.

I find the remarks about the school very interesting; in some ways it is heartening that an ardent leftist such as Halsema can perceive reality objectively to a degree and act for the benefit of her children. It's a shame she couldn't have seen they weren't a "social experiment" to begin with, however.

What's sickening, of course, is that she supports policies which will eventually see many more Dutch schools become like the one she withdrew her own children from; therefore, she supports using the children of ordinary Dutch people as "social experiments"; many will suffer terribly and even be killed as a result.

Many of these Dutch families won't have the option of moving to a better area or paying fees; leftists like Halsema are literally condemning them and their children to a terrible fate.

It's interesting that Halsema even admits that to a degree in her own comments; she sees mass immigration and its results as a "social experiment" - and despite supporting it in whatever way she can in parliament and condemning those who oppose it in the strongest terms, the results of it are not good enough for her and hers.

I wonder, then, why they should be deemed good enough for Holland and the Dutch to the point where anyone who speaks out against them becomes a pariah?


John Sobieski said...

Too funny. She was so convinced that the Muslims are benevolent and a positive for the Netherlands, that she wanted to prove to everyone by sending her twins to an enriched school. I am sure she is rationalizing away the lesson and won't change. Leftists never do, denial is central to their view of the world.

You are so right. She has the money to escape the enriched world she worked so hard to construct, but the rest of the Dutch - screw them. The social experiment must proceed!

Kit said...

Finally, some of the leftists are feeling the consequences of what they have promoted so assiduously.

If a few more leftists have to taste a little more in the way of a dose of reality then they might start to change their tunes.

beppo said...

I am old eough to have a laugh at this because I remember the Kennedy's
advocating enforced bussing of students as a way of integrating school kids.

Meanwhile they sent their own offspring to expensive, select schools.