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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bigamist Married Illegals for Cash; Spared Jail

A "vulnerable" bigamist convicted of marrying illegal immigrants so they could remain in Britain has been spared jail:
A BIGAMIST bride has walked free from court – defiant despite being exposed as at the centre of a bogus wedding scam for migrants.

Aaliyah McPake, 27, was paid more than £5,000 by an underworld fixer to marry two illegal immigrants within three months of each other – allowing both to stay in the UK, a court heard.

Immediately after the ceremonies the “husbands” disappeared and, four years on, both are still being hunted.

Despite admitting bigamy and making false statements, McPake was declared “too vulnerable” for prison and walked away with a suspended sentence.
Here is the vulnerable lady, born Nuzma Amajee, celebrating what mugs we are outside court.