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Friday, 10 December 2010

Another British Woman Pays the Price for Celebrating Diversity

There seem to be an increasing number of stories which reveal just what can happen when naive Western women take up with Third World immigrants, under the impression that they're exotic and interesting.

Of course, none of these women will have had a politically incorrect education which reveals just how backward and primitive some of the cultures these men come from are; as far as they're concerned, mass immigration and diversity are just great, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an evil racist - i.e. morally flawed.

The consequences such women can suffer as a result of bringing these men into their lives is unsurprisingly not widely publicised; the media probably assume that society can't draw any useful conclusions from such incidents - meaning, of course, any conclusions that they and a select circle of elite liberals would agree with.

In the latest case that has been brought to my attention, a Kenyan illegal immigrant has been jailed for eight years after stabbing his ex-girlfriend with a knife and a meat fork:

A man has been jailed for eight years after he admitted a knife attack on his ex-girlfriend as she was babysitting.

Jacob Samba, 32, stabbed Stephanie Hunter with a knife and a meat fork, a month after being bailed for a previous attack on her, the Old Bailey heard.

Miss Hunter, 24, survived after being stabbed in the chest, back and abdomen. She was looking after her neighbour's baby in Southall, west London, in May.

Samba, who was in the UK illegally, had admitted wounding with intent.

The court heard the Kenyan national tried to make the mother-of-two have sex with him after stabbing her.

That's because, whatever illusions she might have been under about the relationship, he saw her as a glorified prostitute and a source of accommodation rather than a human being. Did she really think a much older African illegal immigrant was with her out of love?

He simply couldn't believe his luck and her stupidity and didn't like it when the former ran out on him - it's really that simple.

The way in which many African cultures view women, particularly white women they perceive as loose, is widely acknowledged among people who (have to) take a genuine interest in different cultures and their nuances, rather than a happy-clappy, feel-good warm glow about how every culture other than that created by Western man is somehow noble.

The attacker came to the UK in 2006 to join the Army, but was found to be medically unfit for service.

He moved in with the victim and her children after their relationship began, but was left homeless after they broke up.

At the time of the attack he had overstayed his UK visa.

Andrew Hill, for Samba, said: "He was unable to come to terms with the separation. He was living rough on the streets."

In April, Samba was arrested for common assault after he allegedly grabbed Miss Hunter's hands and pushed her over. He was bailed and told not contact or visit her.

On the day of the attack he forced his way into the property as she looked after the 10-month-old baby, the court heard.

Samba stabbed her with the knife and took up the meat fork after the knife broke.

The attack has "massively affected" Miss Hunter, who suffers from flashbacks and is scared for her children, the court heard.

With all due respect, perhaps if that's the case she should be slightly more choosy about the company she keeps in future - for her children's sake if not her own.

Judge Peter Rook said: "She thought she was going to die and was terrified. She was thinking constantly about the welfare of her own children, who happily were not there, and also the neighbour's baby, who was there.

"You told her you would only put down the meat fork if she had sex with you.

"She refused. You told her that if she told the police you would come back and kill her and the children."

Samba will be deported to Kenya on his release.

Another heartwarming story of the success of our wonderful giant melting pot.

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