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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Moroccan Kidnapped, Raped & Killed 13 Year Old in Italy

From ANSA:
A 22-year-old man from the North African country was arrested Sunday on suspicion of the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl who went missing in the northern town of Brembate Sopra near Bergamo nine days ago.

On the same day a 21-year-old Moroccan allegedly under the influence of drugs killed seven cyclists and injured three others, one of whom is in a critical condition, after losing control of his car at Lamezia Terme in the southern region of Calabria
The good folk at ANSA are very concerned - not about the 8 or 9 Italians who might still be alive today but for their country's madcap immigration policies, but about the "intolerance" aimed at Moroccans which is bound to grow following these "two tragedies":
Two separate tragedies in which Moroccan migrants were implicated at the weekend have raised gusts of intolerance from some quarters in Italy.

A banner reading ''An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'' was put up by one local at Brembate Sopra after news spread of the arrest of the 22-year-old, who has denied killing Yara Gambirasio, whose body has not been found.

Another called on migrants to get ''out of Bergamo'', while racist comments and calls for lynchings appeared on some facebook pages.

The girl's family, in contrast, appealed for calm and Brembate Sopra's Northern League Mayor Diego Locatelli said there should be no ''manhunt''.

But this tone was not shared by other figures in the League, the junior partner in Premier Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right government alliance and a party which frequently takes hardline stances on migration issues.

''We have so many criminals in Italy that we don't need to import them,'' said League Senator Piergiorgio Stiffoni in reference to both cases. ''Let's send them all back home'' League MEP Matteo Salvini echoed those sentiments: ''You can now read about the link between immigration and violence every day in police reports,'' Salvini told Monday's edition of daily newspaper La Repubblica.

''Uncontrolled immigration has caused damage. Those who preached the policy that there's room for everyone have what is happening on their conscience,'' he added, suggesting that even migrants with the necessary documents should not be allowed to enter Italy if they do not have a job. One commentator said intolerance helped some Italians feel they knew who their enemies were in a danger-riddled modern world, even though the threat often stems not from migrants, but from family members, as shown in two other recent high-profile murder cases here.
Indeed, a police car has even been stationed outside the home of the drug-driver's family - just in case.

If only protecting Italians in their own country were so easy.

Unfortunately, this fits a classic pattern. If an immigrant is responsible for a serious crime in a Western country, then it is not the victims of said crime who have suffered - but integration, tolerance and diversity.

The very notion that some people might view incidents such as these (not tragedies, both were deliberately caused by people who could have prevented them if they'd chosen to act differently) as a wake up call against mass immigration from the Third World strikes the media people as beyond the pale.

All the usual cliches are present in the article - bringing up crime committed by Italians, trying to pretend that anyone who is against mass immigration is falsely saying that if all immigrants left, there would be no more crime, for example.

The only good thing is that Italy appears to have some mainstream politicians actually willing to do their job - speak the truth and look after the people they were elected to serve.

Would that this were so in Britain.

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