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Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy Birthday Hamas! From all at the BBC

Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organisation of choice for British leftists, celebrated its 23rd birthday this week.

Whilst the good people at the Guardian seemingly forgot to send any halal goodies along with their good wishes, both al-Jazeera and the BBC were on good form.

Whilst al-Jazeera tersely stated:
“Resistance group throws 23rd anniversary rally, as tight Israeli siege makes Gaza’s Hamas rulers increasingly unpopular,"
the BBC reporters were apparently slightly more taken with what they saw, according to CiF Watch:
But the BBC? Hamas is unpopular? Perish the thought. Dear old Auntie (that is, Anti-Israel) instead stresses the “tens of thousands”, the “throngs” of supporters who – of their own free will of course - “filled the streets of Gaza” to watch the festive green balloons and listen to the tinny martial music and hear how, “Hamas leader Ismail Haniya says the Islamist movement is committed to Palestinian national reconciliation in order to fight the Israeli occupation”. How noble! But, any thoughts instead of making peace with Israel for the good of all? Thought not.
Indeed. Whilst spending our licence fees enjoying the celebrations, I see no mention of recent Hamas activities (and actual news) such as seriously wounding an IDF soldier over the weekend.

It's particularly ironic that, whilst the BBC are cooing over these celebrations, Hamas morality police are increasingly cracking down on anyone deemed to be doing anything "un-Islamic" in Gaza, as well as any perceived political dissent.

In fact, that's what is making Hamas "particularly unpopular" in the strip - corruption, police brutality and involving ordinary Gazans in their zany schemes to try and spill Israeli blood.

It can't be the tight blockade which al-Jazeera mentions - because that simply doesn't exist. As the IDF Spokesman Twitter feed acknowledged yesterday:
181 trucks entered Gaza yesterday w/humanitarian supplies + commercial imports. Gaza also exported produce to Europe.
All paid for by infidel donations, both willing and in the form of extortionate "aid" which we have no choice about, from Israel and the European Union.

Those dastardly Zionists are also continuing with their COGAT mission to improve daily life in Gaza - at considerable expense to Israel and risk to themselves.

I must admit, even I never thought I'd see the day when al-Jazeera counted as a more reliable source than the BBC.

Hat tip: Biased BBC.

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