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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim Wins Appeal to Remain in Britain

I've written previously about the case of Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, a thuggish "asylum seeker" from northern Iraq who left a twelve year old girl to die after running her over:
Weeks before he killed Amy Houston, Ibrahim was banned from driving for 9 months for driving whilst disqualified, driving without insurance and driving without a licence - despite the fact he has never held a driving licence in his life.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim (above right), an Iraqi Kurd, hit her more than five years ago whilst she was playing outside her home, and left her dying and trapped under the front wheels of his Rover whilst he ran away.

He received four months in prison - for driving whilst disqualified and failing to stop after an accident. The maximum sentence the Magistrates could have imposed was 6 months - but they had to give him some credit for his early guilty plea.
After getting out, Ibrahim met and married a British woman, who had two children. He'd just won life's lottery - after exhaustive attempts to deport him and appeal after appeal paid for by us, immigration judges have ruled today that he can remain in Britain:

But two senior immigration judges have now ruled he can remain in the UK.

The judges agreed with Ibrahim's legal team's case that his human rights would be impinged if he was sent back to Iraq.

Ah yes, human rights. You see, Ibrahim has a "right to a family life." Not like Amy's poor father, the man who had to turn off her life support machine, who has had his stolen from him forever by a callous chancer who should never have been here in the first place:

Her father Paul Houston, from Darwen, told judges last month they had the power to bring his "seven years of hell to an end" by sending Ibrahim to Iraq.

An angry Mr Houston called the decision ridiculous and said: "What are the judges saying here? They are saying it doesn't matter what you do when you come here, who you kill, what laws you break, as long as you have a child here you can stay?

"He's not a life-saving surgeon or a Nobel prize winner. He was a criminal before, a criminal now and he will continue being a criminal."

Unfortunately that is indeed what they're saying, Mr Houston. In fact, sometimes I think the lower the scumbag, the better they like him.

Only he has rights, not us, and to suggest he might actually have to be a worthwhile human being and contribute something to gain the privilege of residing here is probably tantamount to racism.

So, despite the fact that Ibrahim has a string of criminal convictions and there's not even any evidence he still lives with the fool who married him and his two children, we're stuck with him:

Lawyers for the Border Agency asked for Ibrahim to be deported on the grounds that the judge who originally allowed him leave to remain on the basis of his right to a family life did so incorrectly. Although he now has two children, there was little evidence he was living at the same address and so could not claim a right to family life, it was argued.

But Senior Immigration Judges Lane and Taylor, in a reserved judgment now made public, rejected the appeal. They said the original decision should stand but added that the outcome might well have been different if the process to remove Ibrahim had begun before he had children.

I'm sure that's of great comfort to Mr Houston - and the rest of us condemned to fund Ibrahim's criminal, parasitic lifestyle for as long as he chooses.

Let's just hope those senior immigration judges don't end up with anyone else on their consciences.


Anonymous said...

join the page justice for amy houston

Ben Houston said...

Today is the 8th anniversary of Amy's death. may she rest in peace and hopefully in time the human rights law can be changed to prevent the situation from happening again. there still needs to be a much stronger penalty for any disqualified drivers in my opinion it should be classed as dangerous driving and carry the same sentence as manslaughter.
not a day goes by when I don't think about my sister, thank you for all your campaigns.

Ben Houston