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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Norway's Response to the Stockholm Bombing

Yesterday I reported that, in accordance with Lawrence Auster's "Non-Islam Theory of Islamic Extremism," Saturday's suicide bombing in Stockholm was the fault of Britain and the British university where the Jihadi studied.

That's right; not Islam, not the Koran, not the teachings and example of the prophet Mohammed, not Sweden's mad immigration policies and insistence that everyone, everywhere is exactly the same - but Britain.

I was interested to note that the response of the Norwegian government followed a similar vein - i.e. a complete and utter refusal to stare objective reality in the face:

Knut Storberget [Norwegian Justice Minister] told newspaper Dagsavisen, for example, that Norway’s special police intelligence unit PST has received a 50 percent boost in funding and a 30 percent boost in staffing for anti-terrorism operations. “And we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Swedish colleagues on this,” he told reporters on Sunday.

Storberget also used the suicide bombing on a busy shopping street in downtown Stockholm, which killed the bomber but no others, as another reason why the Parliament should go along with an EU directive that would require storage of telecommunications records, to aid police in terrorism investigations.

But of course. The solution isn't a national debate about Muslim immigration, about whether mass immigration, and if so which kinds, are desirable for Sweden or Norway - no.

The solution is not spend more money on domestic anti-terror police, give the EU draconian powers, and apparently keep importing hostile aliens and throwing money at them as before.

The article continues:
There’s little doubt the bombing, the first of its kind in Scandinavia, has shaken Norwegian officials and disclosed flaws in Sweden’s own anti-terrorism operations. Questions were flying over how the perpetrator, a young Iraqi man living in Sweden who had publicly revealed increasing radicalism, had evaded police attention.
As well it might. If such things keep happening, ordinary people are going to put two and two together - there were no suicide bombings in Scandinavia before mass immigration from the Islamic world. When they do, they're going to place the blame squarely on the government.

It's a shame other questions aren't being asked about his presence in Sweden (and 400,000 or so unassimilable, alien others potentially like him) in the first place, but you can't expect miracles; no, clearly it is the job of the Swedish police to know when every young Muslim male tires of beer and blondes and becomes interested in Jihad and slaughtering infidels instead.

The best is yet to come:

Norway’s ambassador to Sweden, veteran diplomat Anna K Lund, said Sweden was now “at a crossroads” and that the bombing was viewed as “very dramatic.” Lund told newspaper Aftenposten, however, that there are differences between Swedish and Norwegian society and Sweden has experienced many more dramatic incidents than Norway.

Brynjar Lia, a researcher for the defense ministry, noted that Norwegian police have invested heavily in preventative measures, including constant dialogue with Islamic groups in Norway and with individuals. He also noted that Sweden is twice Norway’s size in terms of population, suggesting that extremists can have more room to operate.

Very dramatic, indeed. I would add that, unlike certain other dramatic incidents, this one could have easily been prevented - and not by recording everyone's phone calls.

But, as long as Norway continues its dialogue with its Muslim immigrants (I imagine that actually means making more and more apparently minor concessions in order to avoid violence), everything should be absolutely fine.

I mean, anyone who would consider doing such a thing must be completely rational and open to reason!

Just make a few points about how generous, tolerant and open Norway is, how it doesn't deserve to be attacked and everything should just work out.

How unlike Sweden it is in it's regard to prostrate itself to make others happy. Also, let's not forget that most of these immigrants are fully integrated and love having girlfriends and drinking, so they'll probably never have a problem with them anyway.


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