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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Imam Stabbed Neighbour in Canberra

I don't know what's more astounding about this story; the fact that Canberra, the capital of Australia, now features Muslim "street preachers," or that the imam in question used to work for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Whatever it is, I'm sad to say it's not the brutal, casually inflicted violence, because that can now be taken for granted.

From ABC News:

A street preacher involved in a stabbing at a Canberra shop last year has told the ACT Supreme Court he could have killed the victim if he had wanted to.

Isa Islam, 37, is on trial for attempted murder, intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm and using an offensive weapon.

The former RAAF employee told the court he had been preaching about the Islamic faith outside the Ainslie shops that morning.

Later that day, he saw his former neighbour in a nearby take away shop.

Islam told the court he believed the man knew who had been breaking into his Ainslie Village room and vandalising his belongings.

He said after his neighbour refused to talk to him he just snapped and started stabbing him.

But he said he certainly did not mean to kill him, saying if he had wanted to he could have cut his throat. [How restrained of him - is this the Islamic equivalent of remorse? - Ed.]

A verdict is expected next year.

It seems that the theme tune of the well known Australian television programme Neighbours was wrong; good neighbours don't necessarily become good friends, particularly if they live in a multicultural hellhole that insists importing Third World people from violent, primitive societies which then acts all hurt and confused when they revert to type - in many tragic cases, spectacularly so.

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