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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

David Cameron on Islamic Extremism

British Prime Minister David "Call Me Dave" Cameron has acknowledged Britain's role in the suicide bombing perpetrated in Stockholm over the weekend, and is determined we cannot be complacent:
"Whether it's making sure that imams coming over to this country can speak English properly, whether it's making sure we deradicalise our universities, I think we do have to take a range of further steps and I'm going to be working hard to make sure that we do this," Cameron said.

"Yes, we have got to have the policing in place, yes we've got to make sure we invest in our intelligence services, yes we've got to cooperate with other countries. But we've also got to ask why it is that so many young men in our own country get radicalised in this completely unacceptable way," he added.
Quite. And if we have to build a police state to do all this - well, that's just an added bonus, right? Diversity must be enforced at all costs, that's the main thing.

If Dave really wants to help stop something like this happening again, I have two places where he can begin - and oddly, "only importing English-speaking imams" isn't at the top of my list.

1) As part of his promised crackdown on immigration (let's just hope it wasn't a "cast iron" promise), perhaps he might look at the student visa system and the many who abuse it to stay here illegally?

This case demonstrates what can happen when we import "students" from Pakistan:

A terror suspect living in Manchester was part of an al-Qaeda plot to launch co-ordinated international bombings, US Justice Department lawyers have said.

The lawyers are seeking to extradite Abid Naseer to the US to stand trial over alleged plots to plant bombs in Manchester, New York and Norway.

Mr Naseer carried out reconnaisance and bought material for bombs, David Perry QC told Westminster Magistrates' Court.

The 24-year-old, who came from Pakistan on a student visa, denies the charges.

2) The same story illustrates how the British government is then unable to get rid of them, due to the ridiculous and unnecessary European Human Rights Act:

"The defendant and his co-conspirators based in the UK conducted reconnaissance at potential target locations and transported reconnaissance photographs back and forth to Pakistan," said Mr Perry.

Mr Naseer had also "purchased ingredients and components necessary for the preparation of explosive devices and maintained frequent contact with the al-Qaeda leadership", the court heard.

Mr Perry said the alleged plot was a "wide, international conspiracy conceived by al-Qaeda", for which Mr Naseer was the organisation's UK "point of contact".

Mr Naseer was among a group of 10 Pakistanis arrested in April 2009 on suspicion of plotting a terror attack in the UK but nobody was charged.

Following his arrest, the Home Office failed in a bid to deport Mr Naseer to Pakistan because a judge ruled his safety could not be guaranteed if he returned to Pakistan.

Got that Dave?

1) Stop importing large numbers of unassimilable Muslims, particularly young males.

2) Stop aiding and abetting a system which makes it impossible to protect ourselves from genuine threats and choose who has the privilege of living off of us whilst posturing.

I'm guessing he's not looking to actually do anything, however, so the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil status quo will be maintained.


Anonymous said...

You can be sure it'll be concluded that these individuals 'radicalisation' is the the fault of white British people. Any action taken will be against us, not them, further strangling our right to our own opinions and freedom of speech (whats left of it). Cygnus

Arif Zulhilmi Bin Abd Rahman said...

The British needs the Pakistanis for the manpower. The Pakistanis needs the British to earn a living. They both needs each other, even though not in the same state of mind. Like a couple, when they fighting, they will stay apart but still miss each other.