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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Yaser El-Waly Raped Blind Woman in Australia

Yet another disturbing story of violence against an Australian woman by a Muslim immigrant has come to light - this one from Keysborough, Victoria. In this instance, the 20 year old lady in question is blind and was on her first solo shopping trip at the time of the attack.

I don't know if this case has been widely reported in the national media (although I can take an educated guess), but here is the report from the Herald Sun newspaper:
A MAN who abducted and raped a blind woman walking with a white cane on her first solo shopping outing will spend at least 11 years behind bars.

Yaser El-Waly, 31, of NSW, was linked to the terrifying attack on July 20, 2006, by DNA matched to an interstate police database.

El-Waly's 20-year-old victim, who is legally blind, was on her first ever solo outing to the supermarket when he spotted her from his car as he drove along Cheltenham Rd in Keysborough.

County Court Judge Gerard Mullaly said El-Waly drove down the wrong side of a service road to catch up with her and then pretended to be from a nearby care facility to gain her trust.

El-Waly bundled the woman into the car and took her to a deserted housing estate where he raped her.

Judge Mullaly said it was impossible to imagine the fear of the blind woman as she was bundled into the car unable to see the stranger abducting then attacking her.

After the attack, the victim, who has partial sight in one eye, led police to the site, where they found El-Waly's DNA, later matched with a sample on the WA police database.

El-Waly had previously been convicted of indecent assault in WA in 2002, Judge Mullaly said.

In her victim impact statement, the woman said she was traumatised, paranoid and suicidal from the attack.

Judge Mullaly said El-Waly had told a police officer he had gone out on the day of the attack looking to have sex with someone.

"There can be no doubt that your crimes have devastated her," he said.

Judge Mullaly said El-Waly's offending was very serious and the courts had a responsibility to protect the public by removing him from the community for some time.

El-Waly was found guilty by a jury of the rape and abduction of his victim.

Judge Mullaly sentenced him to a maximum of 13 years and six months in jail, with a period of 11 years to be served before he is eligible for parole.

It's a shame the Australian government weren't so concerned about protecting the public when they imported the likes of El-Waly en masse, and dismantled reasonable attempts to hinder their invasion of Australia.

I have to say the prison sentence is disappointingly short; this was a brutal crime committed by a predator who has already struck once and clearly has no scruples.

The victim was chosen purely for her vulnerability (and presumably her status as an infidel) by an individual who is clearly a calculating, dangerous psychopath.

35 years followed by deportation would be closer to the mark.

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Andrew, Sydney, Aust. said...

No this horrifying crime was not widely reported here in Australia. Unfortunately our government, media, and legal system is as crippled by political correctness and multiculturalism as Britain, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, America. Just as in Europe, the Australian media tends to not report these crimes, or they don't mention they are muslims. It's very sad to see the decline of our western civilisation, isn't it?