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Friday, 10 December 2010

Policeman Deliberately Run Down in France

I'm grateful to Tiberge of Galliawatch who translated the following information from RTL:
A little past 11:00 on Thursday night a policeman was patrolling the cité of Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis with his colleagues of the anti-crime brigade (BAC), when he was deliberately run down by a car. He had attempted to stop the car by shooting five times, in self-defense, but in vain. The two suspects are at large. The car was found later with a bag full of drugs (400 grams of marijuana). The policeman, 34 years old, is suffering from a fractured jaw and leg. The perpetrators are being hunted down, and so far there has been one arrest.

The incident "probably took place during a transaction" between drug traffickers, noted the prefect. The city of Sevran is known to be a center of marijuana traffic in Ile-de-France.

As for the video, the policeman (in black) goes much further than the press in describing the injuries. He says there are about 30 fractures, and though the victim's life does not appear to be in danger, he is very very seriously wounded.
Tiberge notes that a "cité" is a housing project or ghetto rather than a translation of "city."
An operation was organised in the ghetto, and the police arrested three suspects.

It later turned out that the hospitalised officer had been shot in the jaw; we do not yet know if he was shot by an assailant or by a fellow officer who was attempting to stop the car.

Further information:
The policeman hospitalized in Paris has a temporary work stoppage of three months. He was wounded in the leg, but also in the face. The jaw fracture was in reality due to a bullet from a firearm. There are only two possibilities: since the suspects did not shoot a gun that evening, either he wounded himself, or a colleague, who shot four times, accidentally shot him.
This story demonstrates the increasing violence that French police officers have to face in the course of their duties; and it's always in the immigrant ghettoes. Back in July, police officers came under fire from automatic weapons in Sevran.

Hat tip: Francois Desouche.

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