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Monday, 20 December 2010

Somali Convicted of Rape in Södertälje

I have directly translated this case from Swedish (the original report, in Swedish, can be found here at the Politiskt Inkorrekt blog):
Politiskt Inkorrekt reported in mid-June this year the case of a woman with a light mental disability who was suspected to have been the victim of a rape in a lift located in the Galleria Luna in Södertälje.

The 49-year-old man who was accused worked as a teacher at a religious private school in Söderort, a school that later turned out to be a Muslim one.

Södertälje district court's ruling of July 22, 2010 (Case No. B 1571-10) acquitted the man of rape, but the sentence was later challenged by prosecutors. They have now challenged the ruling in the Swedish Court of Appeal, and have received a different judgment from the district court.

It was on 12 May that the woman, who walked with crutches, got into the same lift at Galleria Luna as the 49-year-old man. The man is accused by the woman of raping her. This must have happened while they travelled up and down in the lift, roughly two trips. The teacher has admitted that they have performed various sexual acts in the lift, but denies rape.

The 49-year-old teacher argues that the woman demanded sex, otherwise she would report him for rape. In addition, she wanted to have 200 Kroner for the sex acts, he claims. The district court acquitted the man because it was her word against his, but the Court of Appeal takes a different view. Three of the five members voted to convict the man of rape, the other two wanted an acquittal.

The 49-year-old Muslim teacher announced through his lawyer Dennis Harding that the ruling will be appealed at the Supreme Court. If the man will be allowed to maintain his employment as a teacher after that is not clear from the information.

For rape Swedish Court of Appeal sentenced Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf, born 1961-12-10 and a citizen of Somalia, to two years imprisonment and ordered him to pay 85 400 kroner in damages.

We see the usual pattern; it was all the infidel woman's fault, he was set up - and even when he is convicted and given a paltry sentence, he still won't accept it.

I note that deportation was not mentioned.

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