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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Murder of American Woman by Palestinians May Have Been Initiation Into Terror Group

I wrote previously about the killing of Kristine Luken (also named by some sources as Christine Logan), who was stabbed to death by two Arab men whilst hiking near Jerusalem.

Her friend, an Israeli originally from Britain, survived the attack by playing dead.

Israeli authorities are now investigating whether or not the murder was part of an initiation into a terrorist group:

Israeli authorities are investigating the weekend stabbing death of an American woman in a forest outside Jerusalem as a possible initiation into a terrorist organization, sources close to the case tell FoxNews.com.

Kristine Luken, 44, of Sterling, Va., was killed Saturday while hiking with a friend and tour guide in the wooded hills outside Jerusalem.

Luken, who worked for Christ Church Jerusalem -- the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East -- was found dead with multiple stab wounds and her hands bound. Her friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, a naturalized Israeli from the U.K., was stabbed 12 times but managed to escape by pretending she was dead.

Wilson recounted the harrowing tale from her hospital bed Sunday, telling reporters that she and Luken were attacked by two Arab men with what looked like a bread knife.

While Israeli authorities are probing "all angles," sources close to the investigation told FoxNews.com that police are "seriously considering" the stabbing "an act of terrorism."

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the killers may have been "amateurs" and "young initiates" into a terror group.

"This may have been their first kill in order to give them a pass into some kind of terrorist group," the source said.

It surely can't be - we all know that the only thing standing in the way of peace in the Middle East is Israeli settlements!

Seriously though, cases such as this serve to give the world an insight into what ordinary Israelis face every day.

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