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Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Tale of Multicultural Cooperation in Action

Needless to say, there's nothing heartwarming about it.

The story begins in 1995, when headmaster Philip Lawrence was stabbed to death outside the gates of his school whilst protecting one of his pupils from a teenage gang. The gang was called "Venom," and had been terrorising north London for months.

The brutal murder shocked the nation, particularly when it came to light that the killer was just 15 years old.

Learco Chindamo, a Filipino born in Italy, was the individual responsible. Hours after the attack, the swaggering thug was heard bragging about killing Mr Lawrence in an amusement arcade, and his callousness shocked even hardened police officers when it came to light.

Chindamo served 14 years for the killing, before being released in July of this year. He was spotted laughing, playing in the sun with his girlfriend's child - all pleasures denied to Mr Lawrence, a brave man who died doing what he saw as his duty.

The release had already caused controversy; even in modern Britain, the length of the sentence served was seen as something of a joke, but more than that - the government moved to have Chindamo deported back to Italy on his release and failed, because that would breach Chindamo's "right to a family life" which is guaranteed to him under the European Human Rights Act.

Obviously, once again, this is something denied to Mr Lawrence and his family forever.

All this would be bad enough; but a mere four months after his release, Chindamo was arrested once again for robbing a young man after threatening him with violence.

I highly doubt anyone outside of a select circle of elite liberals was surprised by this; but it does raise some disturbing questions, and it does help us to see just how diversity, apparently a positive thing we all must celebrate or be deemed morally flawed, affects certain areas of our cities.

The Daily Mail printed an article two days ago detailing just what had happened to the other prominent members of "Venom" - and it makes for distinctly uncomfortable reading. Of the six gang members tracked down, two are back in prison for recent offences, two have recently been arrested, a fifth is currently in hiding from the police and the sixth simply shrugs off his past as a mistake.

The article details three other horrific crimes the gang (pictured above, a very diverse bunch indeed) were involved in around the same period that Mr Lawrence was killed:

Let us remind ourselves of what Jananto [the ringleader] was capable. Of how he and six others armed with a ­truncheon and Ninja-style butterfly knife ambushed a middle-aged businessman as he parked his car in a ­residential road in Camden.

Their victim was John Mills, husband of Dame Barbara Mills, then Director of Public Prosecutions. Mr Mills handed over his wallet containing £100 and credit cards. But they stabbed him anyway. Mr Mills almost died in the attack.

Jananto got eight years for that offence and a further seven for a mob attack intended to stop a key witness giving evidence against Chindamo after he was charged with the murder of Philip Lawrence. Jananto, we have discovered, is still in contact with two other members of his old gang (we’ll come back to them) as well as Chindamo.

This wasn't the worst thing the gang were involved in, however. That accolade must go to the brutal gang-rape of an Austrian tourist in Regent's Park in 1997. After suffering hours of brutal violence and sexual indignities at the hands of the gang, who were noted to have repeatedly screamed "fuck the white bitch," she was thrown naked into Regent's Canal:

One of them was a certain Cesar Cardenas. Now 27, Cardenas was born in Colombia but came here in the mid-Eighties with his father Gilardo, a sandwich maker, and mother Mary, a cleaner. When he stood trial for the Regent’s Canal rape, he told one female reporter: ‘You know what I am capable of.’

It was not just bravado. Cardenas and the rest of the gang — there were eight of them aged between 14 and 17 — screamed ‘**** the white bitch’ as they punched their 32-year-old Austrian victim, and kicked her to the ground where she was forced to suffer a series of appalling sexual indignities.

During her harrowing testimony the mother-of-two, who lost count of the number of times she was raped, said Cardenas was the most brutal.

Henry was already 6ft 2in with a bodybuilder’s physique. His nickname was Congo after a Hollywood movie about killer gorillas.

Agum was the youngest of the accused; just 14 and 4ft 11in. He arrived at the Bailey full of swagger, smoking theatrically, and dressed like a ‘mini Al Capone’, recalls one reporter. When he was sentenced he burst into tears.

Agum was the only one of the defendants to plead not guilty, claiming he was merely a spectator to the appalling assault, so compelling the victim to relive her ordeal in the witness box.

Both Agum and Henry were ­sentenced to 12 years for the rape. But in April last year, the duo — now both 28 — carried out a brutal robbery in North London.

Wearing balaclavas, they kicked down the door of a house and snatched £11,000 in cash, a Rolex watch and a mobile phone. Police rushed to the property near Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium after a series of terrified 999 calls.

Officers found 6ft Henry, from Islington, North London — a cousin of 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis — hiding outside the crime scene in a bush.

Agum, of Hammersmith, West London, was discovered nearby with the loot. The pair were jailed for six years.

People who commit crimes of that nature should never get out of prison. That is the only answer to this. There's no point wringing our hands over whether or not they should have been monitored better; people who are capable of things like those mentioned above simply cannot change, and don't even deserve the opportunity to do so.

What interests me - and the article hints at this in mentioning the immigrant backgrounds, but never says anything explicitly - is just how we have been betrayed, how our country has been transformed beyond recognition over the past few decades. The above is what has been done to this country, laid bare, without all the nonsensical, hysterical shine put on it such as "cultural enrichment."

For all the liberal prison reformers out there, there's also an interesting quandry; if we fill up our country with violent primitives from the Third World, then eventually we're going to need more and more primitive forms of justice and deterrence.

As the article above amply demonstrates, a few cushy years watching TV and honing their fighting skills with other thugs simply does not cut it, particularly not for people who can be described as monsters without the term being melodramatic.

It seems diversity has so many more gifts to give, so much more to teach us - for this is surely just the tip of the iceberg - and this is just how serious it has to get before we're told anything about it.


Kit said...

Unfortunately, the country has been emasculated by the European Union. Even if the British people elected representatives and passed laws to deal with these criminals, they would be overruled by 'Europe'.

We are under orders to accept these random people from around the world and are prevented from inflicting any serious consequences.

In the meantime, the advocates of such a situation live safely insultated from the realities of they have worked to create.

Anonymous said...

Kit, don't use the excuse that the country has been emasculated, too many hide behind that mantra, YOU have been emasculated, I and many others haven't unfortunately it doesn't get aired in the MSM