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Friday, 3 December 2010

German Doctor Disciplined for Politically Incorrect "Rules" Notice

As most of my readers will know, the concept of freedom of speech and association are all but dead and buried in many European countries - particularly when it comes to anything that might offend our new culturally enriching colonists or their champions.

The following story comes from Germany:

A German public health agency disciplined a doctor Thursday for hanging a sign in his surgery that demanded Muslim women remove their headscarves.

The sign made headlines in September, at the same time as a bestselling book was attacking German Muslims for their alleged unwillingness to adopt German ways and learn to speak German.

A demerit notice will be attached to the doctor's name for the next five years in the German medical register, said Cornelia Kur, a spokeswoman for the agency that oversees medical practices in the Frankfurt region.


The "rules" sign in his waiting room had said head-scarves were banned, very large families were not welcome and all patients had to speak German.

He said later he never seriously meant to turn any patients away.
But what if he had? Is he not entitled to be able to communicate with his patients as he sees fit? To run his practice as he sees fit?

If these Muslim women demanded special treatment, for example the right to be examined by a female doctor, would that be discrimination against the male doctor? Or are some people exempt from the rules that govern "causing offence"?

Why should people who can't speak German attend a German medical practice in Germany and then expect special treatment?

If you choose to live in a certain country, you should make an effort to fit in. I don't think this creeping soft-totalitarianism is helping anyone - indeed it only makes differences more pronounced and fuels resentment.

Hat tip: Islam in Europe.

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