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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More on the Sandrine Mouleres Case - Liès Hebbadj

Yesterday I wrote about the case of Sandrine Mouleres, who had the fine she was issued for driving in her Islamic veil annulled by a French court.

According to French-language media, Sandrine responded by declaring: "I can once again be proud of my country."

Yes, you've won a convincing victory over equality before the law and the idea that people should take reasonable steps to drive safely - congratulations, Sandrine.

That's not the most interesting part of the story, however; her husband, Algiers-born Lies Hebbadj, is a far more interesting character.

By interesting, I of course mean the worst kind of parasite. Hebbadj is a "businessman" and polygamist with fifteen children who, over the past year or so, has been accused of embezzlement, benefit fraud, rape and sexual assault:
This 35 year old man, who had contested the ticket in April received by one of his three mistresses for driving in the full veil, had already been indicted for "benefit fraud", "scams" and "aggravated rape "on one of his former companions. He is now accused of having paid his first attorney's fees with the cheque book of the association he presided over.

Liès Hebbadj, owner of a halal butcher shop and a mobile phone shop, campaigned at the head of this association. "This small association collected money to build a mosque in Rezé, hence the outrage of its members when they learned that Liès Hebbadj had used the money to pay his lawyers," said Xavier Ronsin, prosecutor in Nantes.

Father of fifteen children and claiming three "mistresses" in addition to his wife, he was accused in April of "polygamy" by the Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux, who suggested that this situation is punishable by a forfeiture of French nationality.

He's still there though, enriching, and no doubt laughing at, France and French taxpayers. For the breach of trust (i.e. embezzlement) case mentioned above, he received a two month suspended prison sentence.

For those who can read French, here is a more detailed account of his antics - which include being an illegal slum landlord and chasing young girls abroad - and some more information on his four wives, some of whom he seduced as young girls.

I must say having read the information I am clueless as to how this man's presence in any way benefits or enriches France; quite the opposite, in fact. As with so many Western nations, it's sad to see what's become of a once proud country.

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