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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hashim Thaci Implicated in Organ Harvesting from Serb Prisoners

Back in April 2009 I first wrote about allegations of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) atrocities committed against Serbian prisoners and civilians during the Kosovo War.

It is now being widely reported that the trail leads right to the very top of the Kosovan government:
He was all smiles a few months ago as he honoured Tony Blair for helping to liberate his country.

But yesterday Kosovo’s prime minister was sensationally named as the boss of a brutal mafia network that allegedly specialised in butchering enemies for their kidneys.

He strongly denies the allegations.

In a bombshell report Hashim Thaci was described as ‘the most dangerous’ of organised crime leaders who engaged in assassinations, beatings, drug smuggling and a weapons racket.

Most macabre are testimonies alleging how his mafia network harvested human organs from kidnapped prisoners, who pleaded not to be ‘chopped into pieces’ before they were shot dead by henchmen.

Their kidneys and other organs were removed and sold in a deal with an Albanian clinic.

The claims about the country’s premier come as a slap in the face to those who supported Britain’s efforts to free Kosovo and help its rebel leaders to power.
Actually, it was well known even at the time that the KLA was a brutal criminal racket and terrorist group.

As its leader, it is only logical that Thaci would be involved.

Of course, this information was hushed up at the time because it didn't fit the "Serbs are evil" and "Albanians who have colonised and wrested control of Kosovo are angels" narrative.

Remind me again - what exactly did we "free" Kosovo from?

It was a province of Serbia. It's now run by gangsters and wishes to be absorbed into the far more violent, corrupt and backward state of Albania.

If the US government decided to bomb London until we gave up control of Yorkshire to a rebel government backed by Pakistan, would the Daily Mail describe that as "liberating" or "freeing" Yorkshire?

The article continues:
Dick Marty, the Swiss senator who wrote the report, said he felt ‘moral outrage’ as he allegedly discovered how Thaci’s ‘Drenica Group’, a faction of the KLA, was implicated in harvesting human organs.

He claimed captives were held in a secret network of six detention facilities in lawless northern Albania, near its border with Kosovo. In one case, a ‘handful’ of men were held in a farmhouse in the town of Fushe-Kruje.

The report states: ‘As and when the transplant surgeons were confirmed to be in position and ready to operate, the captives were brought out of the “safe house” individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported to the operating clinic.’

‘At least some of these captives became aware of the fate that awaited them. Some are said to have pleaded with their captors to be spared the fate of being “chopped into pieces”.’

Some victims were allowed to live, minus their robbed organs.
Well, infidels are expendable, aren't they? If only all the fearless, truth-seeking Western journalists who descended on the area at the time, desperate for the tiniest hint of dirt on the Serbs, had known.

The good news is that "lawless" Albania has just been given £320 million by the EU, out of an "accession fund" to which Britain contributed about £1.1 billion. This, despite the fact that no negotiations to admit Albania are currently being held, and it is widely acknowledged the money will simply be abused.

The EU, in its eternal and benevolent wisdom, has also relaxed visa rules for Albanians and Kosovans.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

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