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Friday, 17 December 2010

John Paul Onyenaychi Charged with Attempting to Kill 2 Police Officers

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of police officers and PCSOs were taking part in a routine activity in Ealing, west London.

As they were checking the tickets of passengers alighting from a bendy bus, they apparently stumbled across John Paul Onyenaychi, who was wanted for recall to prison. He'd been convicted for causing death by dangerous driving, and had breached his parole conditions after being released early.

Although he was initially stopped so the police officers could check that he'd paid his fare (which, of course, he had not), one of the officers recognised him and initiated a radio check, which confirmed that Onyenaychi was a wanted man.

He decided that he didn't want to return to prison, however, and pulled out a stanley knife:
Christmas shoppers screamed in horror as the knifeman slashed the throat of one officer before attacking a police community support officer – plunging a knife into his arms and hands as he went to the aid of his colleague.
He attempted to stab a second community support officer before he was subdued.

The constable who had his throat slashed is apparently stable after surgery, but his life was only saved because a surgeon was travelling on a passing bus and managed to keep him alive until he got to hospital.

Today Onyenaychi has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, and attempting to commit grievous bodily harm against the second PCSO.

What interested me most was the reaction of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London:
Mayor of London Boris Johnson said he was shocked by what had happened, adding: ‘There is no place for this in London.’
But unfortunately there is, isn't there Boris?

The reason such large groups of police officers were active like this in the first place is because the area has seen a surge in gang activity; gangs robbing people on buses, in the streets, using casual violence.

Casual violence against members of the public will eventually translate into casual violence against the police - particularly if the consequences are seen as negligible.

Onyenaychi individual has already got away with killing one person, so why would he think twice about killing more?

Anyone capable of doing something like this belongs behind bars, preferrably for good. How many other such people are still roaming the streets? The Daily Mail article gives us some clue:

Ministry of Justice figures show 914 criminals are on the run even though they have committed new crimes or breached the terms of their release. The total includes 22 recalled between 1984 and 1999. Those wrongly on the streets include 18 murderers, five paedophiles and 17 convicted of carrying guns.

Police should find 75 per cent of recalled prisoners classified as high risk ‘emergency’ cases within 74 hours and three quarters of standard recalls should be completed within six days.

But since 2007 nearly 10,000 criminals were not back in jail within the target time.

If the authorities don't take sanctions against criminals seriously, why should the criminals?

***UPDATE 14:57***

Onyenaychi continued to show his contempt for the justice system whilst in court:

A man charged with attempting to murder two police officers has been remanded in custody after swearing at the judge.

District Judge Margot Coleman ordered John Paul Onyenaychi, 30, of Wise Road in east London, back to the cells after his outburst.

The injured officers have been named as PC Paul Madden, 23, and PCSO Piotr Dolata, 27.

***UPDATE 21:06***

The Daily Mail has more on what Onyenaychi got up to in court today. Whilst in the dock, surrounded by ten police officers, he treated the court to the following:

Shouting at District Judge Margot Coleman when asked for his full name, he said: 'My name’s ‘go **** yourself’ and where the **** is my solicitor?'

When his solicitor Aneurin Brewer appeared in court, he continued: 'You’re not my ******* solicitor. You’re not representing me.'

The hearing continued in Onyenaychi's absence after District Judge Coleman ordered he be taken back to the cell, before telling Mr Brewer, 'He was being extremely abusive and I’m not prepared to tolerate that behaviour in my courtroom.'

Whilst I fully agree with her decision, she's rather lucky she gets a choice in the matter, unlike some.

Some people have to deal with the likes of Onyenaychi daily due to the consistent refusal of the courts to actually attempt to punish criminals.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Ealing is a fairly middle class area. I totally condemn the scum that injured the policeman, but... Until the middle class of this country wake up to what is happening here, with illegal immigrant and muslim crime, nothing will change.

So if it frightened them: good! Let's hope they get to grips with reality now!!

bloblog said...

the borough of ealing is a wash with subverted funds of terroism and the police force bear the brunt of the backlash of their heavy handedness since the acton bomb suspects with chippaty flour bombs.The PCSOS meet an ex cab driver rub him up the wrong way an cause emotional outburst. 23 year olds are not equipped to deal with the current situation and do not have the necessary experience to deal with some one who has served time for causing death by dangerous driving. The training given to PCSOs should incorporate a six month term in side the prison system to witness the atrocities caused by fellow colleagues before they condem people back to such places. Living with convictions like that needs a good probation service who no doubt will be in question in terms of management of the individual since release. Rascism will no doubt be a fundamental route of enquiry when dealing with the ealing branch when considering the value of the realated offence of fare dodging. If I were his solicitor I would say look at 3 to 4 years concurrent on a guilty plea thats what they give white boys in kingston surrey. No doubt the judiciary and the likes of mayor Johnston will have other ideas. Nether the less the public is watching you and the international watch dog is watching the violent activities in these west london boroughs despite the wealth the desparity is punctuated. The Glaxo welcomes the richest men in the world are all based here not even 5 miles away from ealing so the borough has no excuse.

premier said...

I grew up with John Paul and since we were kids his never changed he is actually a really nice guy which is hard to believe, but he has a switch in his head that sometimes turns him into a madman, quite frankly I don't get him bug I hope he sorts himself out.

Anonymous said...

I'm a old friend of the police officer Paul Madden. this visious beast attempted to kill my this respected Police officer who was only doing his job to the best of his ability.

Paul (Pc Madden) is a great young man who is only alive today thanks to a passing surgon who helped to save him.

There is absolutly no excuse for Onyenaychi's behaviour, No person has the right to endanger anyone else and his freedom and civil rights should be removed for the rest of his life.

I just think that Onyenaychi is lucky that this county no longer has the death penalty

Anonymous said...

John Paul was born raised and schooled in London he is also half white and his sir name is wrong as his lawyer in court made that error which will come out eventually, the fact is those rookie cops were told not to approach John Paul as he was wanted nationally on a recall to prison which he did not want to go back too he has been locked up since he was 16 years old and only seen the outside for one or 2 months at a time he has been subjected to police brutality as a young teen now members of the public were not in danger around him police who try to arrest him were in danger and they did not try to stop him for a bus ticket is was because he was wanted nationally from prison where he has been for the last 7 years for murdering another criminal these cops were told not to go near him and wait for seasoned officers to arrive on the seen instead they wanted to be heros and arrest an 18 stone bodybuilding man in public for all to see...the result they are now on life support machines fighting for there lives because they tried to confront someone who the system has turned into a monster from an early age who has been beaten and racially abused by the police at an early age, hence if you treat someone like an animal they will become one obviously when these 2 bumbling officers tried to arrest him he flipped and saw red as hes bitter at the police anyway and bottom line they were warned not to go near him.....hence what happens when you dont do something your told something bad happens so apart from what John Paul did wrong I think the system that created him has a big part in this why was he let out into society without any guidance after being locked away for most of his life ?? i think the system has a lot to answer for and John Paul is clearly now become insane and should be treated as someone who needs help

Anonymous said...

When pictures are released of JP you will realise how big and powerful a guy he is and how intimidating he is... my question is how can prisons let criminals get so big and strong in prison so when they come out they are able to use their size to intimidate and bully even more people..... this is again another example of the poor prison system that we have in the UK. They really are more of a holiday camp which is wrong......

All that said, as big as JP is, he always resorts to using weapons which shows how much of a coward he truly is.

Anonymous said...

It is also important to know that John Paul was originally locked up when he was about 17 for stabbing someone in a neck for no reason with a broken bottle....

This is just one individual who John Paul has inflicted pain on over the years... I know of at least 8 people he has stabbed!!!

In fact he was also responsible for stabbing a cab driver in the week leading up to the policemen incident.

But it's okay he will be released again in a few years.................

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear of the two constables stabbed hope they are on the mend. i retired after 30 years on the chicago police so this does not surprise me in the least, i was shot once, stabbed twice and had a pit bull thrown at me off a front porch of a drug house, yes you guessed it, all committed by our little brown brothers, stay safe. love this blog.