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Monday, 6 December 2010

Moroccan High on Cannabis Kills 8 Italian Cyclists

N.B. Some sources put the death toll at 7 cyclists.

Yet more tragic carnage brought to the streets of Europe by lax immigration policies. Yet more innocent people dead.

From the Daily Mail:
A speeding car ploughed head-on into a group of cyclists in southern Italy yesterday morning, killing eight of them, officials said.

The driver had been smoking marijuana, police said.

Bent, mangled bikes were strewn about the scene, and the sheet-draped corpses dotted the two-lane road near Lamezia Terme, in the Calabrian 'toe' of boot-shaped Italy where the accident occurred.

In addition to the eight cyclists killed, four people were injured: two cyclists and the driver and a young boy in the car with him, said Maria Dolores Rucci, commander of the road police in nearby Catanzaro.

The ANSA news agency said the driver, who was only slightly injured, was placed under arrest on charges of multiple homicide. A police spokesman who declined to give his name said the man, a Moroccan national, had tested positive for marijuana.

A preliminary investigation showed the speeding car ran headfirst into the group of 10 cyclists who were riding in the opposite direction on state road 18, according to Italy's highway authority.

ANSA said the driver was trying to pass another car when he hit the group. Visibility was good at the time, reports said.

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