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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Former RAF Man, 69, Attacked by "Asians"

A very disturbing story is reported in today's Daily Mail:

An ex-serviceman wearing an RAF jacket was attacked by thugs who shouted at him 'Bomb the soldiers! Death to the soldiers!'

The 69-year-old was punched and headbutted by two Asian or mixed-race attackers who spotted him in military uniform.

Paramedics took the veteran to hospital after he was left with bruising, black eyes and an injured nose following the early evening attack.

The youths, aged between 17 and 20, shouted offensive remarks about soldiers at the white-haired pensioner and then attacked him when he responded.

The incident happened in Sherwood Street, Fallowfield, Manchester, police revealed today.

Officers today released a shocking picture of the bruised victim in a hospital bed with two black eyes after the attack.

Police Constable Michael Seddon, who is investigating the incident, said: 'This was a mindless and brutal attack on a vulnerable member of the community.

'The victim was left extremely shaken and he is still recovering from his injuries.'

One of the attackers was described as of stocky build, 5ft 6in tall, had thin braided hair and was wearing dark clothing.

The second man was chubby, 5ft 4in tall, had short shaved black hair and was wearing dark clothing.

The two men fled the scene on bicycles.

The ex-serviceman, who was wearing a poppy, was attacked on November 1 but police have only just released information about the incident.

Ah yes, the classic pattern.

Our heroic cultural enrichers even prefer to attack a man who is nearly 70 in pairs, just in case. I'd like to see them try their luck with some current serving soldiers - but then that would require real courage, rather than hate-filled bravado.

The response of the police is also typical; the attack was certainly brutal, but in no way was it "mindless" - it sounds as if the scum in question knew exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it.

Obviously, it would require too many uncomfortable questions to be asked for the average modern public servant to actually come to terms with that reality - so they stick to spouting meaningless drivel, which is genuinely "mindless."

Will this be being treated as a hate crime? After all, if an Englishman can now be convicted and fined for insulting Allah because certain types of blasphemy apparently have a hate crime element, surely New Brits attacking old soldiers because of what they represent to the nation could be viewed similarly?

I have a terrible feeling that this will be swept under the carpet, however. Nothing to see here, no useful lessons to be learned - just another day in our multicultural paradise, where those who have served us and defended us are abused and attacked in the street. After all, they're generally hideously white; it's not as if they're important or special in any way.

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