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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More on the Swedish Suicide Bombing

Over the past couple of days, more information has emerged about Taimour Abdulwahad Al-Abdaly, the Iraqi who blew himself up in Stockholm on Saturday in an attempt to massacre hundreds of innocent Christmas-shoppers.

Much is now being made of the time he spent in Britain; apparently before he came here (and before the dastardly British authorities failed to stop him being radicalised) he was a "normal, friendly young immigrant to Sweden."

That's a relief, because clearly it means that the Swedish government and its immigration policies are not in any way to blame; just like when all those other smiling, friendly young immigrants to Sweden stab and rape Swedish women, attack fire engines and police officers, defraud the welfare system, murder their wives and daughters, riot during Ramadan, etc etc.

In the context of these crimes - sorry, vibrant success stories - and the general immigrant ghettoes which now exist in some Swedish cities, it's nice to know that someone else can carry the can. In this case, the scapegoat is Britain, rather than racism and Islamophobia.

After leaving Sweden in 2001, Abdulwahab settled in Luton, Bedforshire where he attended the local university (apparently described as "the worst university in Britain" by the Sunday Times in 2004).

Here he underwent a mysterious process called "radicalisation" which seems to happen to all Muslims in the West who aspire to slaughter infidels.

The BBC were quick to crow when it emerged that Abdulwahab had been expelled from a mosque in Luton for simply being too extreme, after holding sermons calling for Jihad and suicide bombings.

Despite their intense pleasure that not all Muslims appear to wish to see us dead, the following details also emerged:
Astonishingly, despite alarming fellow mosque-goers in Luton with calls for suicide bombings and Islamic revolution, Abdulwahab seems not to have been reported to British police.

Some worshippers even appeared to know that he had travelled to Yemen, a centre for Al Qaeda training which has been at the root of two of the terror group’s most recent attempt to strike at the West – the printer bomb plot in October and last Christmas’s underpants bomber.
Yes, how astonishing - Muslims covering for one of their own. I've never heard of anything like it before.

Whilst in Britain, Abdulwahab married a Muslim woman and they had three children - two girls and a boy, who came along in June. A proud Abdulwahab named his son, who no doubt the British taxpayers will pay to raise, Osama.

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, is also puzzled about just what could be behind all of this:
He [Bildt] also said Swedish media were reporting that Abdulwahab 'was profoundly transformed by something that happened while he was in the UK'.

Mr Bildt told BBC Newsnight: 'It looks like he was heading into probably the most crowded place in Stockholm at the most crowded time of the year.

'He was heading into a place where, if he had exploded all the ordnance he had with him - and that was quite substantial - it would have been mass casualties of a sort we haven't seen in Europe for quite some time.

'(We were) just minutes and a couple of hundreds of metres away from something catastrophic.'
Remind us Mr Bildt - when was the last time Europe saw casualties on a scale you're talking about? What were the circumstances, exactly?


I'll give you a clue then - it was probably the Madrid railway bombings in 2004. Of course, there have been many other attacks and planned attacks in Europe before and since.

What do they all have in common, exactly?

We can blame Britain, British universities, British mosques until we are blue in the face - but we have to be honest. What all of these things have in common are Islam and Muslims.

The only reason Abdulwahab was able to be "radicalised" here in the first place is because there are so many Muslims present, and speaking out about the disproportionate role they play in terrorist violence is seen as poltically unsound.

Instead we have to pretend it's a few radicals, a few extremists, whilst leaving the floodgates open and continuing to turn a blind eye to just how Muslim immigration has transformed this country and this continent.

If we hadn't let in so many Muslims, if there weren't so many mosques and Islamic centres and university Islamic societies, then this "radicalisation" would not be our problem.

How much energy, effort and treasure are we supposed to expend ensuring that people don't get blown up for drawing a cartoon? The only way to safeguard against the creed of Islam is to stop inviting and facilitating Islam.

Britain didn't make Abdulwahab do what is shown in the video below; Islam did. It doesn't matter how friendly he was, how many naive Swedish women he fooled around with, how many beers he drank as a teenager - he was still a Muslim, his culture and mindset were still profoundly alien to Sweden and the West and he acted as such when he thought it counted.

If we can't understand that, then we really are finished.

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