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Friday, 3 December 2010

Majid Hussain Jailed for "Demonic" Sex Attacks on Mother & Children

In response to an earlier post, contributor Kit wrote:
We live in a society in which it is becoming normal to be afraid. That is what is especially worrying, what people can come to regard as 'normal'.
Absolutely spot on. Mass immigration has led to an explosion of horrific, violent crime on a scale that could not have previously been imagined.

Most people, especially in the most "culturally enriched" areas, now see fear as a part of their normal daily lives.

This sentiment reminded me of a shocking story from Oldham which I never got around to posting at the time. It's from November 2009:
AN Oldham rapist who carried out demonic sex attacks on a terrified mother and her three children has been jailed indefinitely.

Majid Hussain (39) threatened to murder his victims if they reported him after one of them was forced to carry out sexual indignities at knifepoint.

But he was arrested last year after the mother went to police.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Hussain was convicted of rape, intimidation and indecent assault on the 34-year old mum and the three children — two girls and a boy.

He was ordered to serve a minimum of nine and a half years before being considered for parole.

Judge Timothy Mort told him: “The jury, as with me, are left with the lasting memory of those children clutching their teddy bears, speaking in quiet monotone about what you did. You are a man who worked — you are also a man who was very demonic.

“You have no insight what is right and what is wrong sexually.

“There is significant risk of you committing further sexual offences.

“I consider there to be an enhanced risk as you won’t admit the charges. You will not be considered for release until you are no longer dangerous.

“The effects of what you did were utterly devastating.

The court heard how Hussain forced the children into sexual acts and even forced them to watch while he had sex with their mother.

Since the assaults, the children have been afflicted by terrible nightmares.

“One of the girls is scared to go to the bathroom alone, and that the boy feels he can only confide in his pet dog.

The defendant denied all the charges forcing his victims to give evidence against him in a trial.

He was ordered to sign to Sex Offender’s Register for life.

After the case Det Con Louise McWalters, said: “This man has shown no remorse for what he did. He has left a woman and three young children physically and mentally traumatised.

“I would like to thank all the victims for their bravery in coming forward and giving evidence as it is them who put this evil man behind bars.

“No sentence can ever be enough to punish a man who would do such a vile thing. However the substantial custodial sentence given will hopefully go some way to finding justice.

“I hope this case has shown there is a way out for those who are in a similar situation to that of the victims in this case.”
Although I would instinctively blame the fact this individual was imported in the first place, the British justice system must take its fair share of the blame for the fear that currently permeates our society.

Nine and a half years for offences of this nature? Thirty would be closer to the mark, and frankly I'd see him locked up for life.

Whilst we live in a country in which violent primitives without scruples are imported en masse, yet still sees nine years in a cushy jail with televisions, computer games and central heating as a "substantial" sentence for destroying the lives of a young family through abhorrent sexual violence, then fear is always going to be part of our natural condition.

This case was (despicably, in my view) never reported in the national newspapers, so people outside of these heavily immigrant areas can ignore what's going on for now - but for how long?

How long until the British people realise what is being done to them and simply say "enough"?

How many have to die or have their lives ruined before we decide we don't want to live in fear?


Juniper in the Desert said...

Hang, draw and quarter it!

Anonymous said...

Someone should put his Accuracy International to good use on the mf. It's the same here in Norway also. But if you do somthing to offend a muslim and you get charged with being rasist, then you can be sure that the punishment will be much more severe.