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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Telling Turkey Where to Go

First, there was the inspirational speech given by Austrian MP Evald Stadler in the Austrian parliament.

Mr Stadler was responding to criticism levied at Austria's integration policies by the Turkish ambassador - and it really is a joy to watch. It's a rare sight to witness a European politician telling the unadulterated truth without fear.

Now we have a speech given by Israeli Knesset member Danny Danon, in response to the Turkish Prime Minister's demand for an apology over the Mavi Marmara incident:

To the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,

(by way of the Turkish ambassador to Israel)

Regarding: The request for an apology to the government of Turkey for the events aboard the Mavi Marmara of the Gaza flotilla.

I would like to apologize to you in the name of the entire state of Israel for the fact that the state of Israel did not take sufficient care to check the terrorist ship Marmara before it left Turkey. That would have prevented the ship from being armed with guns and other weapons, and from transporting terrorist activists under the patronage of the Turkish government.

Because of our excellent relationship, and your great respect for the state of Israel and the Zionist enterprise, I must apologize for the fact that the naval commandos who, when they reached the ship, were greeted by armed terrorist resistance that aimed to murder them did not immediately defend themselves with gunfire, and instead acted with restraint toward the pretend “peace activists” who sought to kill them.

Apologies for the fact that the commandos acted carefully, taking into account the presence of civilians on the ship, and killed only nine terrorists. If the state authorities had known that there were terrorists on the ship, the order would have been given to kill any person endangering our troops.

With your permission, one more apology is necessary, for Israel’s decision to release the dangerous terror supporters who were on the ship and not put them on trial for attempted murder, and even to pay for their tickets home.

And finally, please accept our full and heartfelt apology, for not asking the United Nations to censure Turkey, and for not demanding an investigation into the connection between the IHH terrorist organization, your party and you, Mr. Erdogan.

Warm wishes,
MK Danny Danon, speaking on behalf of the Israeli Knesset

Wonderfully put.

It's nice to see that not every Western man in a position of influence is a simpering dhimmi with no self-respect, sucking up to the worst regimes in the world and embracing their nations' destruction or subjugation because it happens to be politically correct.

Long live freedom of speech - and the desire to actually use it rather than play safe and make nice with those who would see us enslaved or dead.

Hat tip: Irish Savant & Tundra Tabloids.

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