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Monday, 6 July 2009

Taxi Driver Kills Customer in Amsterdam

On Sunday morning, 44 year old Rob Sitek was beaten to death by a taxi driver in Amsterdam.

From Bad News from the Netherlands:
In Amsterdam a cab driver beat up and killed a potential client at the central Leidseplein taxi station. This station is known as being run by gangster drivers who refuse short fares and quote extremely high prices to potential passengers. If the person then decides not to get into the taxi, these drivers threaten them. Alderman Hans Gerson said that there is an emergency situation in the Amsterdam taxi world. At that particular station Moroccan drivers in particular are causing the problems. Gerson added that “we must immediately deal with this scum.”
It is not known whether or not Sitek refused to pay an over-inflated fare.

The man who died is the brother of Ron Sitek, an ambulance worker who was named 'Amsterdammer of the Year'.

He himself is no stranger to the violence of criminal Moroccans; last year he suffered death threats whilst attending to a wounded man.

Rob Sitek, the victim, leaves behind three children, including a one year old baby.

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen personally rang his family to offer his condolences and pledge to try to solve the problems of illegitimate taxis run by unscrupulous gangs - clearly the only issue here.

Police have arrested a 37 year old man in connection with the murder.

Update: The Dutch blog Snouck Hurgronje informs us that the culprit in this case was a kick-boxer. He hit his victim in the head, and he then fell and smashed his skull on the kerb.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To the Western Powers-That-Be:

Please, please ensure that we continue to get more Third World cultural diversity. Rampant violent crime is such a small price to pay for the opportunity to to enjoy couscous marrakesh and kebabs.

Sarcastic Sam

Anonymous said...

When will Europeans start to fight? I think most need a trip to Texas to relearn how to fight for f'cks sake. I can guarantee no smelling POS from morroco would pull that act here.

Peter said...

And people are still surprised Geert Wilders'party is growing, whereas the downplaying laborparty of Amsterdam's mayor Cohen is almost but wipedout

Snouck said...

It is notable that the Dutch government subsidises kickbox lessons to Muslim youth. This is because kickboxing schools are said to manage to impart some discipline to young Muslims, while the rest of society cannot.

In 2007 Fleur Angema of the Freedom Party (PVV) asked questions about the subsidies in Parliament.

It is inequality to subsidize lessons to Muslims but not to ethnic Dutch.

Moreover a trained kickboxer can use his body like a weapon. Government trained and therefore armed Muslims confront unarmed ethnic Dutchmen.

Ethnic Dutchmen are forced to subsidize empowerment of their enemies.



The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thank you for that interesting perspective.

The fact that the Dutch government takes a group of people well known for their above average violent criminality, and trains them to better harness their violence at the financial expense of their potential victims, truly beggars belief.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Several Dutch commentaries I read on the European elections tried to down play Wilders' party as one of country bumpkins who have never seen an immigrant - ignoring the fact it became the largest party in Rotterdam and The Hague.

It seems that those on the sharp end of diversity might be waking up after all.