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Monday, 27 July 2009

Non-Muslim WPCs Issued with Headscarves in South West England

In most European countries which suffer high rates of Muslim immigration, there will be a debate about whether or not the Muslim headscarf should be incorporated into the uniforms of the emergency services, to enable Muslim women to join should they so wish.

As usual, Britain leads the way in simpering, grovelling abject politically correct dhimmitude; Avon & Somerset Police have created a uniform headscarf which will be issued to all female officers, Muslim or not.

The day when they will be forced to wear it on the beat (not that any of them actually have a beat anymore) is probably twenty years or so away, but for the moment it is there if they should be called upon to enter a mosque.

Sean O'Neill in The Times calls this 'pioneering policing':
Non-Muslim female police officers issued with hijabs to wear during visits to mosques! Do we hear the familiar cry of: "Is this political correctness gone mad?" But take another look. The force pioneering the idea is Avon & Somerset which marked a significant success earlier this month with its policy of active engagement with Bristol's Muslim community.

The conviction of
Andrew Ibrahim, jailed for planning to carry out a suicide bombing at a shopping centre, was obtained because of contact between the mosque and the police. The picture above shows him on a reconnaissance visit to Broadmead shopping centre. It was the first terrorist case where mosque elders had alerted detectives to concerns about the behaviour of a suspect - Ibrahim, 20, a former public schoolboy, was arguing in favour of suicide bombing and had burns and scars on his hands from testing homemade HMTD high-explosive.

A mosque elder rang a police officer who took the call while on a canal boat holiday and alerted colleagues. Ibrahim was tracked down within 36 hours and a search of his flat uncovered explosives, detontators and a suicide vest.
All of that makes an assumption, however; that to respect Muslims or permit them their beliefs, you must submit to their rules and customs, always, even f you are not a Muslim yourself.

Policewomen already have a head covering which they can wear in a mosque, or anywhere else; it's called a hat.

To specifically have a uniform headscarf is unnecessary and patronising, and it does not send out a very good message from those who are supposed to be objectively enforcing the law, without fear or favour.

Is O'Neill seriously suggesting that the only way to stop 'moderate' imams from ignoring terror in their mosques is to submit to Islam ourselves?

If so, we are reaching the destination the terrorists wish to take us to - via a different route.

Here is the full story:

Women police officers are being issued with headscarves to wear when they visit a mosque.

They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom.

There are two versions - one matches the black of a police officer's uniform, while another goes with the blue uniforms worn by community support officers.

The headscarves are being given out by Avon and Somerset Police, and have the force's emblem sewn on.

They have already been given to seven officers, including Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts, and eight community support officers who work with Muslim groups in the area.

Mrs Roberts said: 'It recognises and respects the cultural and religious practices of our communities. This is a very positive addition to the uniform and one which I'm sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers.'

The force said the scarves, which cost £13, can be used in other religious settings as a mark of respect - for instance to cover the shoulders of a non-uniformed officer in a church.

Islamic custom expects women to cover their head inside a place of worship.

During an official visit last year, the Queen wore a headscarf to tour the crypt and caverns of an historic Islamic shrine in Turkey.

Rashad Azami, Imam and director of the Bath Islamic Society, said: 'It is highly pleasing to see that Avon and Somerset Constabulary is introducing specially designed head coverings for female officers.

'This will go a long way in encouraging a trustful relationship between the police and the Muslim community. The police have been working closely with the Muslim community for the last few years.

'We hope this step will further strengthen the mutual relationship.'

Avon and Somerset Police caused a race row two years ago when it rejected 186 white job applicants at the first stage of selection.

The force received 800 applications for 180 jobs and 'deselected' white males to increase ethnic diversity. Chief Constable Colin Port apologised.

This year, the fire service unveiled full-length skirts, hijab headscarves and long- sleeved shirts for Muslim women recruits to wear in fire stations and for events such as school trips.

Again, the use of the term 'mutual relationship' is erroneous. Law abiding Muslims should have a duty to report crime anyway, without needing bribes such as this.

Their mutual relationship with the law and the state is either as normal, law abiding citizens of this country - or it is not.

If it is the latter, we need to ask ourselves searching questions indeed about the future of this country.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a society that has feminised itself. It adulates the feminine, the tearful whimperer, and scorns our toops in Afghanistan (except when it can beat the government over it, or get tearful).

We have here an Assistant Chief Constable no less, a woman who willingly dons the symbol of female subordination to men, and requires the rest of the women PC to do the same when entering a mosque. She is happily discarding the uniform of the police officer - a symbol of male authority, and adorning the garb of female subjugation, with no shame, sympathy for Muslim women who HAVE to war such demeaninmg garments, and most of all, shame in mixing both together, one a symbol of equality and fairness, and the other, of discrimination of women - and she does this with a big smile on her face.

This has happened because of the continuous propaganda that has been fed to people via the actions of the LeftLibs in The BBC and the like, equal opportunity and a whole host of idiotic policies. MAN, the one who invented this civilisation and all that we see around us, has gone walkabout.

I feel like the kid in the movie "Shane".

Anonymous said...

I think that there should be no restriction on headscarf because in this way the Islamic centers and Muslim community will more strictly work on it. Some people may not know that there are many Islamic countries in the world which do not give importance or restriction on headscarf.

WAKE UP said...

Anonymous, we don't give a damn which Muslim countries do or don't emphasise the headscarf -- just get the hell out of OUR country, and take your stupid, ugly, primitive, chauvinist, demeaning, childishh, absurd headscarves with you.

Anonymous said...

Venerable Earl

OT so you can post it elsewher

Union flag left off identity cards after concern over nationalist rights

Home Secretary Alan Johnson reveals the design at St Pancras Station of the National Identity Card card which is to be issued to members of the public for the first time later this year
The union flag has been left off the controversial national identity card in order to recognise the "identity rights" of Irish nationals living in Northern Ireland.

The final design of the identity card was unveiled today in London by Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

But the people of northern Ireland are BRITISH.

As the Biassed BBC puts it "The reality is that this government, and the BBC, are ashamed of our British identity and any chance to ditch it is grasped with eagerness".

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but it is some comfort that Harry Patch is not around to see that a British government feels uncomfortable with the National Flag.

Anonymous said...

England, Oh, My England...Why do you continue to commit national suicide? Soon the great England of yore will exist only in history books and people's memories. It's all so very, very sad and heart-breaking.

Anonymous said...

Our respected Home Secretary claims that the Union flag was left out in order to recognise the "identity rights" of Irish nationals living in Northern Ireland.

Identity rights? People have an Identity Right? Since when and how is it defined?

Then it crossed my mind that our previous esteemed Home Secretary Ms Jacqui, deliberately included Michael Savage in the list of unwanted persona, just to give the impression that it was not just Muslims who were on it. Now could it be that Northern Ireland was used as a fig leaf to cover what we do know - that Muslims are offended by the Union flag as there so many crosses on it. Its a guess I know but given the cringing dhimmi behaviour of this government, it wouldnt surprise me.

Solkhar said...


Go to the Vatican and note that women may not enter and visit the sites without a covering their hair and no-sleevless or short pants no matter male or female.

Your rather aggressive and insulting language is certainly not going to make things better.

The point that should be made is this - in most Muslim countries, police women will enter a Mosque just wearing their hat which is uniform, it is again another example of how radicals in the West ask for more than actually exists in the Muslim World and thus the problem is yours and not ours who live out here.

Also, they are wearing headscalves not veils and thus DP111 is incorrect in his comment about male authority - unless you consider that Catholic Women and Jewish Women covering up in their houses of worship under the same category.

I personally think the rule is just another example of the British lawmakers enforcing rediculous give-ins to the radicals and they should be looking out at the Muslim World and noticing how embarassing they look. I thought the phrase "not pulling down our pants to anyone" was British - I must have been mistaken.

WAKE UP said...
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WAKE UP said...

SOLKHAR, quoting you: "The point that should be made is this - in most Muslim countries, police women will enter a Mosque just wearing their hat which is uniform, it is again another example of how radicals in the West ask for more than actually exists in the Muslim World and thus the problem is yours and not ours who live out here.

Also, they are wearing headscalves not veils and thus DP111 is incorrect in his comment about male authority - unless you consider that Catholic Women and Jewish Women covering up in their houses of worship under the same category."
and now, quoting me: WE DON'T CARE WHAT MUSLIMS DO, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T DO IT HERE - and if they weren't here, you wouldn't be writing that bullshit either.

I trust I've made myself clear.

WAKE UP said...

ps, Solkhar, seeing as you're so fond of obfuscation and words, LISTEN UP:

The Police Force was INVENTED by Sir Robert Peel in 1929. It's a BRITISH institution - and it's also one of the reasons the West is a better place to live than the dysfunctional, corrupt, backward Muslim nations of the East and Middle East.

If you would just shut up and listen for a while, you might learn a few more things like that, though I doubt it. We KNOW why you're here, and you are not going to frighten or talk us out of it.

Solkhar said...

WAKE-UP, I find it interesting how you seem to love saying "we do not" as if you are the blogger and represent society let alone others whom chose to read this.

Personally what whom you think you represent is not important, you state something factually wrong you will be "told".

The fact that you respond to some points but when shown factually incorrect return to the "we do not care" excuse clearly tells.

Solkhar said...

Wake Up,

I suggest you listen-up, if you are going to pretend to know facts then ensure that they are such. So now another reason to take you to task:

Firstly, as much as you may love Britain, the Peel Act was the creaton of the Metropolitan Police and were do you think he got the name "police" from.

[French, from Old French policie, civil organization, from Late Latin polītīa, from Latin, the State, from Greek polīteia, from polītēs, citizen, from polis, city; see pelə-3 in Indo-European roots.]
po·lice'a·ble adj., po·lic'er n.

Second, since it came from French language, it does not take a smart person to search and find that it came from the French for a reason:

"The first police force in the modern sense was created by the government of King Louis XIV in 1667 to police the city of Paris, then the largest city in Europe. The royal edict, registered by the Parlement of Paris on March 15, 1667 created the office of lieutenant général de police ("lieutenant general of police"), who was to be the head of the new Paris police force, and defined the task of the police as "ensuring the peace and quiet of the public and of private individuals, purging the city of what may cause disturbances, procuring abundance, and having each and everyone live according to their station and their duties".

Now I knew this because I came from a family of doctors and police officers and not because I am French language educated.

Now to continue on the thread:

You asked that "I listen-up and shut-up" but based on the incorrect information that you give, I assume that you are capable of doing the same in return.

"It's a BRITISH institution - and it's also one of the reasons the West is a better place to live than the dysfunctional, corrupt, backward Muslim nations of the East and Middle East"

First of all it is not a BRITISH institution that you love to spout but a FRENCH one and that based on a SPANISH model before it.

I would argue that it is not the cause or model for a better society either, as during the period of 1600s to 1800s, most of the Ottomans had a coordinated military run constabulary that had law and order down to a tea when EUROPE was having regular uprisings and conflicts.

What dysfunctionality you see is the last century and a half, mostly arguably after the rush-in and rush-out arrival of European dominance and abandonment.

Facts always work.

WAKE UP said...

Solkhar, you pseudo-intellectual dickhead, You may be a very adept dissimulator and schemer, but you're a lousy debater - I've never seen you actually address the real points being made here yet.

My remarks were specifically about the BRITISH police, because of the foul inroads being made into the Police's great traditions by kow-towing to devious Muslim bullshit. You can tap-dance around that all you like, but everyone else reading this knows EXACTLY what I meant.

Solkhar said...

I repeat what I said on the other post that had nothing to do with this subject. The badly phrased if not confusingly and apparantly wrong statement is your problem and you have to deal with it instead of going into imature verbal insults.

""Sir Robert Peel INVENTED the Police Force in 1829"

Mmmm, clear expression of talking about only Britain here....nope.

Now lets see if the Blog Owner considers using the phrase "you pseudo-intellectual dickhead"
a breach of the posting requirements to "avoid insults and personal attacks"

That you cannot explain yourself correctly is your problem, in fact your reference was "Robert Peel INVENTED" implies the first and is still incorrect regardless as he copied the French institution of the office of the Lieutentant-General of the Paris Police Force, a CIVILIAN force.

As for the point about Gendarmerie, that coordinated policing was there even before that time. Just a comment to clarify the process."

Now deal with it correctly.

WAKE UP said...

Sir Robert Peel... hmmm, definitely a Brtish name, not a Mohammed (or a Solkhar) in sight).