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Friday, 24 July 2009

3 Dangerous Criminals Escape from Prison in Belgium

From The Daily Telegraph:
Three prisoners, including one of Belgium's most dangerous criminals, have staged an audacious escape, breaking out in broad daylight aboard a hijacked helicopter.

Two accomplices rented a helicopter, took the pilot hostage, and forced him to land in the courtyard of the jail, located in the northern city of Bruges, a justice ministry spokesperson told Belga news agency.

The escaped convicts and the accomplice were dropped off near a major road and the helicopter was abandoned at Aalter, on the outskirts of Bruges.

The criminals then seized a vehicle from a nearby petrol station, later switching cars and taking a female driver hostage before dropping her off at Melle in Flanders, according to the police.

One of the accomplices stayed behind in the prison yard, possibly because of limited space aboard the helicopter, the spokesman said.

He will be charged with hostage taking. .

The three escapees - bank robber Ashraf Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdel Had Kahjary Mulloul - are all repeat offenders, prosecutors in Bruges told Belga.

Sekkaki, 26, has been described as one of Belgium's most dangerous criminals, and was jailed for 10 years for a slew of crimes.

He had escaped from a prison in the northern city of Turnhout in September 2003 and spent five months on the run before being captured by police.


The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I suppose it is just a coincidence that the three most dangerous criminals in Belgium happen not to be Belgians, but Muslims?

Of course it is.

Solkhar said...

As I understand it all three are Belgian nationals whom happen to be Muslim - difference. Their crimes are not religous based, the records show that they are hard-core criminals and the most wanted a violent robber.

If they were terror suspects or other form of radicals, then you have a case to put againt them as radicals.

No, to put constantly Islam as a label is an unjustified accussation that crosses into bigotry.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

No - it simply helps people understand just what the insane, suicidal immigration policies pushed by the Belgian government have brought Belgian people and society - a completely unnecessary, violent criminal underclass.

Of course, you will now twist my words to pretend that I think no Belgian people have ever committed crime, and if there were no Muslims or Third World immigrants there would be no criminals in Belgium.

This is absurd. Every society has its bad apples. My point rests on the fact that some society's bad apples are far worse than others, and that the countries of Europe and the West should not be used as a dumping ground for the scum of others.

All Western societies have become more violent and more dangerous since mass immigration of people who live in violent, lawless and often primitive societies and 'cultures' began; you can argue that is a huge coincidence, but you've got a hell of a road to climb to convince me.