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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Police are Still Racist

As the previous post showed, catching violent criminals is not always something which the police do well.

That's OK - these days, they have other priorities, such as proving that they are not racist:

Racial discrimination still exists in the police, 10 years after a report described Britain's biggest force as institutionally racist, MPs have said.

While there has been some progress, black people are still more likely to be stopped and searched, according to the Home Affairs committee.

Chairman Keith Vaz warned of damage to community relations.

But the Association of Chief Police Officers said forces had "worked hard" to counter accusations of racism.

The committee looked at recommendations made by Sir William MacPherson following his 1999 inquiry into a Metropolitan police investigation of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Sir William's conclusion that the force was "institutionally racist" led to 70 recommendations to counter discrimination within the police service.

MPs said while forces had met 67 out of the 70 anti-discrimination targets, they still failed to employ 7% of officers from ethnic minorities - roughly in proportion to the composition of the UK's population.

Mr Vaz said evidence suggested officers from these communities struggled to attain promotion and were more likely to be subject to disciplinary action.

"We are also particularly concerned at the discrimination which apparently persists within the force, in recruitment and promotion of black and minority ethnic officers," he added.

"The police service must now focus its efforts on tackling these issues within its own workforce."

The report concluded a disproportionate number of black and Asian people also had their profiles held on the police DNA database.

Mr Vaz said: "While there is such blatantly disproportionate representation of particularly black people in the criminal justice system... there will continue to be damage to community relations which in turn undermines police work."

Keith Bristow, of Acpo, told the BBC that attitudes within the police reflected those of wider society, where "of course there are some people that have racist views, the same as there are some people who have views about women".

"But I'd say as a service we have worked as hard if not harder than anyone else to make sure that we have the most balanced, fair and ethical workforce possible."

This is all such obvious nonsense it is shocking Yet still, the police have to suck up to the politically correct elite and take it seriously.

The fact is that both black and Muslim people are vastly over represented in the prison statistics.

This is because they are vastly more likely to be involved in crime than other groups, not because society has it in for them specifically.

The fact that the police catch criminals is not racist. Many 'ethnic minority' groups, such as Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese, are under represented in the prison population.

Why does this vile wave of institutionalised racism not affect them?

It's time for some honesty on these issues - but whilst the cash cow of 'racism' continues to pay out, don't bank on it happening.


WAKE UP said...

As someone said: the Truth cannot be racist or sexist. It's simply the Truth.

WAKE UP said...

PS: it's time that we reminded ourselves that an Englishman named Sir Robert Peel INVENTED the Police Force in 1829, and it's a BRITISH institution.

Solkhar said...

WAKE UP, suggest you study some history:

"The first police force in the modern sense was created by the government of King Louis XIV in 1667 to police the city of Paris, then the largest city in Europe. The royal edict, registered by the Parlement of Paris on March 15, 1667 created the office of lieutenant général de police ("lieutenant general of police"), who was to be the head of the new Paris police force, and defined the task of the police as "ensuring the peace and quiet of the public and of private individuals, purging the city of what may cause disturbances, procuring abundance, and having each and everyone live according to their station and their duties".

In fact the Gendarmerie was alread around for two centuries before that but were considered "military" and thus do not constitute a modern civilian police force.

Keeping on-topic though, I agree that the truth is the truth and has no race, that the over-sensitive cave-in by the authorities in Britain makes more issues and problems than solves them.

WAKE UP said...


1) I was talking aboutn the BRITISH police force, you pseudo-intellectual dickhead.

2) quoting you (again - sigh) :
"In fact the Gendarmerie"... were considered "military" and thus do not constitute a modern civilian police force."

Precisely - I was talking about a CIVILIAN Police Force you would-be intellectual dickhead.


Solkhar said...

"Sir Robert Peel INVENTED the Police Force in 1829"

Mmmm, clear expression of talking about only Britain here....nope.

Now lets see if the Blog Owner considers using the phrase "you pseudo-intellectual dickhead"
a breach of the posting requirements to "avoid insults and personal attacks"

That you cannot explain yourself correctly is your problem, in fact your reference was "Robert Peel INVENTED" implies the first and is still incorrect regardless as he copied the French institution of the office of the Lieutentant-General of the Paris Police Force, a CIVILIAN force.

As for the point about Gendarmerie, that coordinated policing was there even before that time. Just a comment to clarify the process.

WAKE UP said...

Sir Robert Peel... hmmm...definitely a British name, not a Mohammed (or a Solkhar) in sight.

ciccio said...

The reason blacks are stopped more often may have something to do with the fact that whilst the proportion of blacks in Britain is 3%, the proportion of those in jail is 11%.
That means they are almost four times more criminal than the white population.