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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Nice Weekend in Germany

These are just some of the undoubtedly many incidents of 'cultural enrichment' which took place in Germany last weekend.

The stories are all taken from Jihad Watch Deutschland and translated, with thanks, by Jeremy Hatfield.

Please note that in the German press, the term 'southerner' or 'southlander' generally refers to Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Berbers.

Nice Weekend (I): Arab with a Mullah-beard Robs Bergheim Man.

Bergheim. In the night between Saturday and Sunday, around 1.15am, a 41 year-old employee closed his restaurant in the inner part of Bergheim. The last guests had already left the restaurant. On the way home from the restaurant, the man was caught by two persons on the connecting way between Albrecht-Dürer-Allee and Adlerweg. One perpetrator held the victim and threatened him with a knife held to his throat. The man was relieved of the day's earnings. After having handed over his money, the perpetrators wanted more. The man tried to defend himself, and was injured in the neck and arm by the knife.

The perpetrators fled while the injured man ran home and called both emergency services and the police. An immediate investigation of the area came up with nothing. Both of the suspects were described as follows: both spoke with arabic accents, one person was about 180cm tall and powerful. The second was somewhat shorter, about 170cm and an athletic build. The second perp had a conspicuous beard, which started under the ears and ran to his chin. The man wore a dark pullover with a motif of two fists directed at each other. The police seek witnesses, which can help confirm the incident's events and the suspected persons. Tips can be given to the Police in Rhein-Erft-Kreis at 02233-52-0 or 02271-81-0.

Nice Weekend (II): Turks Called "Suntanned" in Duisburg

Duisburg-Buchholz. On Saturday morning about 1.55am a 21-year-old injured person on the way home on Lindenstraße Höhe Zugspitzstraße was stopped by two unidentified persons. He was asked for cigarettes. When he replied that he had none, he was attacked with punches and kicks. Afterwards his cell phone was taken. Description: both about 20 years old, suntanned, short, black, slicked-back hair, one person wore a white T-shirt. Tips can be given to the Duisburg police at 0203-2800.

Nice Weekend (III): "Foreign Accents" Extort Laptop with Pistol in Ennepetal

Ennepetal. On Sunday, 19 July 09, a 22-year-old man from Schwelm started on the Mittelstraße. There he was asked by two men if he had any cigarettes. When he said no, one drew a pistol and demanded the contents of the plastic bag, where his laptop was. Subsequently the perpetrators were picked up by a car, probably a Ford, and left in the scene in the direction of Loherstraße. Identifying marks could not be given. An immediate investigation came up negative. Description: both persons about 25-35 years old, 170-180cm tall, solid, dark short hair. Both were dressed in black and spoke with foreign accents.

Nice Weekend (IV): "Southlanders" rob young mother with small child in Mönchengladbach.

Mönchengladbach. In Buschallee in Mönchengladbach-Eicken an unknown offender took advantage of a situation to steal a purse. A 28-year-old woman set down a baby carrier with her small child in Buschallee right at her house to get something out of her purse, when the unidentified man tore the purse away from her and fled. Measures to investigate the incident yielded nothing. The perpetratoer was described as a Southlander, about 20 years old, with black, short hair, and skinny. Wore dark pants and a dark hooded shirt. The police request any tips that could help the case.

Nice Weekend (V): Mönchengladbach Man Multiculturally Beat and Robbed

Mönchengladbach. A 42-year-old man from Mönchengladbach-Lürrip became victim of a robbery Saturday morning. After a visit to a restaurant, the drunken man reached his home on Neusser Straße, when he was spoken to by three young male persons. The three young men wanted change and underscored their demands with punches and stompings, including some against the head of the injured man. The unknown perpetrators took a wallet with money and personal papers from his pants pockets, then left in the direction of Nakatenusstraße. An immediate investigation of the area yielded nothing. All three perpetrators were about 18 years old, one perpetrator was dark-skinned. They had short hair and wore T-shirts, one white and one black.

Nice Weekend (VI): Immigrants beat Man in Goch and Rob Him.

Goch. A 29-year-old man looking for a place to stay in Goch reported to be beaten and stomped on by several young men with immigrant backgrounds this Sunday at around 1.20 in the morning, in front of a shop in the marketplace and then later on the way home on Steinstraße. His upper and lower lips were bloody and abrasions were noticeable on his right cheek. He is missing his cell phone and house keys. Information pertaining to this incident please contact the Goch Police (Tel. 0283/1080)

"Nice Weekend (VII)--Southlanders rob a tanning salon in Essen.

"Essen (Rüttenscheid): Two offenders took over a tanning salon on Wittering Street late Friday evening (17. July 2009, 10.05pm). The two employees (18, 20) were just getting ready to head out for the night when two men entered the shop. They ordered the young women to turn the lights off. Threatening with a knife, one of the perpetrators forced the surrender of the day's earnings. The two accomplices then took off with their plunder further into town. Both of the southland-looking suspects were described as tall and powerful. They wore three days' growth of beard, had dark, short hair and spoke with accents. Both were clothed with dark jeans. Additionally, one of the men wore a short-sleeved dark T-shirt. Additional witnesses are sought--please contact the police at 0201/829-0.

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