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Monday, 27 July 2009

Muslim Nurse Fired in Den Bosch

A Muslim nurse in the Dutch city of Den Bosch refused to wear the regulation short sleeves on her uniform.

I would imagine such a regulation exists for the purposes of good hygiene, and is therefore non-negotiable.

The woman was duly sacked for her stance, then fought in a legal battle when she resisted - but the judge who dissolved her contract of employment awarded her €8,500.

From Islam in Europe:
A judge dissolved the employment agreement of a nurse from Den Bosch (the Netherlands), since she refused to come to work in the Jeroen Bosch hospital with bare arms.

The 33 year old nurse has been working since 2001 in the Den Bosch hospital. In 2007 she started becoming more engrossed in her faith, according to her lawyer, Frank Vermeeren. For this reason, she started wearing long sleeves under her work uniform.

But in the department the nursing staff has to wear shirts with short sleeves. Because the woman continued to refuse to appear with bare arms, she was not welcome at her work anymore in April 2008. The nurse then lodged several objections.

The judge in Den Bosch dissolved the nurse's employment agreement starting August 1, reports Nederlands Juridisch Dagblad. The woman received compensation of 8,500 euro.
Why the compensation?

Surely being a nurse who refuses to follow basic hygiene procedures, for whatever reason, is as useful as a nurse who faints at the sight of blood?


WAKE UP said...

God, Cromer, the cumulative affect of this is so depressing (but don't stop :) - is ANYONE listening? I myself find it hard to comment (and I'm with you all the way), it's all so bizarre, insane, defying common sense and - worst of all - so STUPID, that one doesn't know where to start, there are so many instances of what amounts to a concerted attack on our way of life.

Dr.D said...

She is "compensated" for refusing to obey regulations? This is truly Alice in Wonderland, right down the rabbit hole!

Solkhar said...

Not to put a damper on things but she was told not to come back because of dress code not hygiene, that was the blog-owner's assumption.

Having a doctor for a wife, my mother a nurse I am quite aware that it is just dress code. Some hospitals insist on long-sleves and some on short - hygiene is washing hands.

Short sleves is a requirement in some surgical theatres for those directly involved in the procedure and the rest will certaily be in long-sleves.

I have no problem with her losing her job though if the contract is for one particular way... that is how work should be and I wish the Brit Police was like that so they can get rid of that rediculous Bin-Laden look alike PC.

WAKE UP said...

Solkhar, there are a lot of things we'd like to get rid of. Apologists like you, for a start.

Anonymous said...

I just came from a short trip to PA and listened to their reason for why they moved from England to settel in USA. After reading this racist blog I got the answer. You guys are some pathetic loosers who are crying about your imperialistic days of enslaving others.I just realized how much I love America and what BIGOT of a country you guys are from.BIGOT!

Dr.D said...

Mr. Anonymous, while you are caught up in your confusion of loving America while hating the UK, you might want to
1) observe that "settel" is not a word in either American or British English;
2) notice that it is customary to put a space before the beginning of a new sentence, something you omitted in "...from.BIGOT!"
Whatever it is that you find so objectionable about the UK, I'm pretty sure we can show you the same things to complain about in the US. We are really very similar. So if you think the UK is bad, you should probably be uncomfortable in the US as well. Enjoy!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 15:20:

Whilst I am tempted to simply put the word 'idiot' into capital letters, I think your comment does a good enough job of proving how, er, intellectually challenged you are.

Your comparison between past tolerance of religious minorities and current attitudes towards our Third World colonisers is ridiculously glib.

You may also have noticed that this blog is not being written from 10 Downing Street; the government and elites of this country are entirely on the side of brainwashed Leftists such as yourself (indeed, they created you, and your Pavlov's dog-like cry of raaaacist and bigot to everything and everyone you disagree with).

It can't be both; we're either a 'sad bunch of losers' (albeit ones who can spell and use basic grammar correctly), or we control the country to the point where an enlightened soul such as yourself, uninhibited by the rules of language or common sense, had to leave.

Which is it?

Lastly, I hope you enjoy your time in the USA, but I must urge you; don't be a bigot, consider moving to one of the very diverse and culturally enriched neighbourhoods in somewhere like New York or LA.

Presumably then we won't have to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Dr. D, It's not a bad habit to be concerned about the mechanics of using the English language. But a more necessary part of using any language is the ability to write sensibly. As for the nurse, I think it's not her first time being a nurse, so I must agree that she deserves to be paid against what has come to pass as a result of bad management practices and inadequate guidelines. I suggest the other idiots here allow themselves some opportunity to travel out a bit more and see how hospitals are quite effectively run with nurses in their scary "unhygienic" full sleeves. Visit Tabriz University Hospitals in Iran and or a plethora of others in the United States. In fact, well managed hospitals make it a point to accommodate needs of their employees whenever possible. This was unfortunately not the case for this nurse.

BTW, it's true that the UK is very similar to the US but fortunately not when it comes to addressing this type of cases.