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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Human Traffickers Jailed for 2 Years

With thousands of illegal immigrants desperate to get into Britain and the system buckling under the strain, one would imagine that the authorities would come down quite hard on human traffickers.

The issues facing Britain aside, these are greedy, ruthless criminal low lives who prey on other people's desperation and misery for their own gain.

As usual, the law parts company from common sense, however - a recent case saw a Sri Lankan couple who trafficked Mauritanian illegals to work in Worthing care homes jailed for just two years.

From The West Sussex Gazette:
A COUPLE who trafficked and exploited illegal immigrants to work in two Worthing care homes have been sentenced to two years in prison each and ordered to pay £25,000 in legal costs.

Now, the police have started a process to try to reclaim some of the profits the couple made – tens of thousands of pounds. Anbanaden Chellapermal, 61, and his wife, Shamila Seenyen-Chellapemal, 56, of Queens Gate, London, were part of an international trafficking network which lured poor Mauritian workers to the country with the promise of wages four times what they could earn at home.

The pair were sentenced at the Inner London Crown Court.
For four counts of human-trafficking, they were each ordered to serve two years in prison. They also received a 12-month prison term each for three counts of employing illegal immigrants, which will run concurrently with the two-year sentence.

DS Jim Moore, from the south east region immigration crime team, said: "The two-year sentence was disappointing.
"The Chellapermals have benefited financially and have profited from their acts.

"We'll now be looking to seize that money through the Proceeds of Crime Act."

DS Moore said once the sentence was read out after the two-hour hearing, the Chellapermals' family began crying.

The convictions relate to human-trafficking and immigration offences at care homes Glen Eden, in Richmond Road, and Carleton House, in St Lawrence Avenue, between November, 2007, and July, 2008.

A confiscation hearing will be heard in November and recovery of the money is expected by February next year.
They should be making an example of these predators.

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Anonymous said...

They are not Sri Lankan but Mauritian like most of the illegal immigrant frauds from there http://www.lexpress.mu/article/247473/grande-bretagne-mauriciens-poursuivis-pour-travail-au-noir