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Monday, 20 July 2009

89 Year Old Woman Trapped Rapist with "Technique from CSI"

A very harrowing case in which an illegal immigrant from Angola pretended to be a policeman, tricked his way into the home of an 89 year old woman, then raped her twice.

She weighed seven stone, he weighed twenty.

During her unimaginable ordeal, the lady had the presence of mind to claw the face of 31 year old Mauro Lopes - because she knew the police would be able to take his DNA from her fingernails - she'd seen it on CSI.

For subjecting an innocent, frail old lady, a widow of twenty years, to unmentionable horrors because he was drunk and had been to a lapdancing club, Lopes (above) received just nine years in prison.

The full story:

A rapist who posed as a policeman to get into his 89-year-old victim's home was snared because she copied a scene from CSI and scratched his face for DNA.

Bouncer Mauro Lopes, 31, who weighs 20 stone, raped the frail seven-stone widow twice after tricking his way into her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In the midst of her horrific ordeal she had the presence of mind to remember an episode of the cult U.S. forensics drama - and clawed his face knowing police would be able to retrieve his DNA from under her fingernails.

It allowed detectives to catch Lopes just two days after the attack on March 14 because he was already on the national database after a drink-driving offence in 2005.

Lopes, who won asylum after coming to the UK from Angola on a false passport seven years ago, was jailed for nine years at Leeds Crown Court yesterday.

Prosecuting, Felicity Davis said the attack - after Lopes put a large pillow over the woman's face - was so violent that she had to be taken to hospital with heavy bleeding.

But the widow of 20 years managed to tell police: 'I have been watching CSI so I scratched his face so you could get DNA from my fingernails.'

Unable now to live alone, she is in a care home but still has trouble sleeping. She cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Anne Dixon, defending, told the court that Lopes was remorseful and, in his own words, 'had fallen out of his personality with drink'.

He carried out the attack following a visit to a lapdancing club after discovering his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Nine years.

In a sane society, in addition to giving Lopes life with chemical castration, they would find the civil servants whose mistake caused this monster to be loose in Britain and sack them.

The Home Secretary, who in his own words does not lie awake at night worrying about who is in this country and why, should be forced to publicly meet the victim's family to explain his remarks, apologise and then resign.

Because this case demonstrates we should all be worried - very worried indeed.


Anonymous said...

Kill the black bastard, but only after having cut his balls without the benefit of anesthesia.

Anonymous said...

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 20 (Compass Direct News) – Muslim extremists early this morning killed a Christian convert in Mahadday Weyne, Somalia, 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Mogadishu.

Al Shabaab Islamist rebels shot Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman to death at 7 a.m., eyewitnesses told Compass. They said the Islamic extremists appeared to have been hunting the convert from Islam, and when they found him they did not hesitate to shoot him.

The sources told Compass that Abdiraman was the leader of an underground “cell group” of Christians in Somalia.


Once the Muslim population is large enough, this is what happens.

tsiya said...

A sane society allows decent people the means to defend themselves against barbarians.

Anonymous said...

A society that has leaders with commonsense would never have allowed in people such as these.

Knowing the propensity for trouble that Muslims have, Muslims should never have been allowed to settle in the UK. As a consequence we have a huge number of crimes committed by Muslims so that they constitute the largest in the prison population. Murders, rapes and general violence is not all. We are having to face an increasing terrorist threat from within - a Battle of Britain, but this time the bombers (stealth bombers), are taking off from Luton, Bradford etc.

It has become so bad that the goverment has to hide behind re-definitions viz Jihad is not Holy war, Jihadists are anti-Islamic etc. And to cap it all, police are told to lay off Muslims as it only enrages them and turns them into Jihadis (who actually do not exist)

Anonymous said...

Are there no work houses; are there no extermination camps for subhumans such as this one?