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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Violent Illegal Immigrant Jailed for 8 Years

An illegal immigrant from South Africa has been jailed for 8 years today after kidnapping and robbing a nurse in Scotland.

He then locked her in a car boot and left her for dead. She remained there for ten days before the police rescued her.

As well as the jail term, which was handed down for kidnap and 13 other offences, the judge recommended that 35 year old Justice Ngema be deported after his release - but ordered a psychiatric review, 'just in case he is not'.

The full story:

A nurse who spent ten days trapped in the boot of her car after she was kidnapped by a violent illegal immigrant has told how she 'made friends with death' during her terrifying ordeal.

Magdeline Makola, 38, spent over a week bound and blindfolded in what she described as 'her coffin' as the winter temperatures outside plunged into minus figures.

She was so thirsty that she tried to drink condensation - and all the while was living in abject fear hat her abductor would return to the vehicle and strangle her with the rope around her neck.

She said: 'I thought that the minute he's finished with my money he's going to come back and pull it. So I just started to make friends with death.'

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Miss Makola kicked out at the Vauxhall Astra's bodywork in order to try and attract the attention of people walking past.

However, she said: 'One day I heard no sound outside and concluded it was Christmas Day.

'I decided to curl up and try to relax and enjoy Christmas in the boot. I sang and prayed to myself. I just started giving up on life and I was picturing myself in the coffin.'

Miss Makola spoke as her abductor Justice Ngema, 35, was jailed for eight years and told that on his release he will be deported to his native South Africa.

Ngema abducted Miss Makola, who worked as cardiology nurse at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, from her flat in Livingstone on December 16 last year.

He punched her in the head, threatened her with a knife and when she screamed told her: 'I'm a professional in this job. I kill people. You shut up right now.' Ngema then bundled her into his car.

After taking his victim's credit and cash cards, Ngema used a rope to bind her neck, arms and feet. He then covered her mouth with tape, tied a scarf around her eyes and dumped the car outside Drumgelloch railway station in rural Lanarkshire.

For the next ten days, Miss Makola was forced to survive with neither food or drink as the outside temperature fell below zero.

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