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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment in Norway

Firstly we have this story, found at Gates of Vienna:

Zylark has translated this article, but notes that the incident was also reported here:
Manhunt for brutal robber

The police suspect a man of assault and robbery of two women on the night before Sunday.

“This is a case we take very seriously. We have had several meetings regarding these two assault-robberies today,” states Police-Sergeant Siri Doksæter at the Fire and Theft department at Bergen Police station.

Two women were assaulted and robbed in the center of Bergen in a two hour interval night to Sunday.

“The first woman walked by the intersection of Kaigaten and Christiesgate whilst talking on her phone. She noticed someone nudging her in the back. Before she could turn around, she received a hard blow to the back, and fell to her knees,” states Doksæter.

The 20-year-old woman lost her cell-phone on the ground.

The perpetrator picked up the phone and ran. The victim did not get a good look at the perp, but he seemed between 20 and 30 years old and looked Eastern European.

The assault happened around 0130.

Around 0330 a woman in her early twenties was on her way home from the center of town. She was talking on her phone on the way home to Nordnes [which strictly speaking is in the center of Bergen, a 10-minute walk from most bars and clubs].

“By the College, she noticed a man walking behind her. She felt a finger in her back, and when she turned, she was hit in the temple so hard that she fell. The perpetrator picked up her phone and vanished. He is described as between 25 and 30 years old with short hair,” states Doksæter.

Due to the MO used in the assaults, the police think the same man is behind both of them.

“This is brutal, and it was done using the exact same procedure. I can not remember any similar episodes, so this is a sad tendency.

Doksæter asks for tips from the public.

“Both girls were alone when the assaults happened, but if anyone saw anything, we ask them to contact the police.”
Meanwhile, the Norwegian police are hoping to make use of a new judicial 'mafia clause' in order to fight the growing problem of Muslim gang crime, particularly a violent gang of thugs known as the 'Young Guns':

Young Guns members arrested in Norway

The police will crush The Young Guns Muslim gang with the help of the new Mafia indictment. 11 people are accused of everything from the threats with illegal weapons and violence.

"We will soon be out again." Those were the last words the 23-year-old Muslim cheerfully shouted to the Dagbladet’s photographer before the police closed the back door of the police car on the 13 th of May.

He and four other Young Guns members were arrested at a law firm, where they run after a confrontation with several members of the B-gang in front of the court. In the confrontation the 23-year old pointed a gun at four B-gang members to show to them that he was not afraid to shoot them.

The prediction of the 23-year old about coming soon out may not come to fruition, since he has been transferred to prison for previous violations. The two other members of the Young Guns are still in custody.

Now eleven members of the Young Guns, ten men and one woman, are being prosecuted for several serious offenses. They all are being charged under the Criminal Act, Section 60A - the so-called Mafia Paragraph.

The police are trying to present the eleven members of the Young Guns as a group that continuously plan and commit crimes together. Should they be found guilty under the Mafia Paragraph, they risk a double sentence compared to a normal verdict.

Four of the men are accused of bodily harm against two person who would testify against the members of the gang. One was beaten with a telescopic baton and has several stitches. Many of the gang members are also charged for illegal weapons and to have carried a gun in public places. The use of a weapon is part of the Mafia Paragraph.

The Young Guns is Oslo’s oldest gang and since the 90s has competed with the B-gang. The members of the two gangs have shot each others in the streets of Oslo many times. The last confrontation took place in May, and led to the lawsuit against Young Guns member Fuica Alex who was prosecuted for the murder of B-gang leader Ghulam Abbas.

The Young Guns and the B-gang charged at each other in a violent confrontation, which ended with the arrest of the five Young Guns Muslims who had sought refuge in the law firm Feydt and Hamborgstrøm, which is right by the courts.

Six of the accused are also charged for having threatened the same man. They were in the man's apartment. Two of them wore a balaklava and one of them, a 23-year-old man, fired at least two shots, according to the prosecution. The other is charged for threats and having encouraged the 23-year-old to shoot.

Deliberate action

Mr. Eirik Jensen, the head of the Oslo Police gang project, says that they have gathered together several different incidents in the same indictment as a deliberate action.

”Previously, there was no coordinated investigation of such matters, but now we are going to do it. We will send a signal that gang life will lead to tougher punishment,” Jensen told the Dagbladet.

”We have nothing against the people personally, but we no longer consent to what they stand for. As long as they are members of gangs, they will receive this treatment," he said.

The B-gang is today the biggest gang in Oslo. The Young Guns is reduced by internal strife, and several former key members are either imprisoned or have withdrawn completely from the gang life.

According to police, Mohammed "Jeddi" Javed led Young Guns until he was shot and killed on Haugerud in January this year. According to police, it is unclear who actually now leads the gang.


The members of the Young Guns tell the Dagbladet that they believe it is totally unrealistic that the defendants will actually be convicted under the Mafia Paragraph.
”That is something the police do just to keep some of the boys imprisoned over the summer," says a Muslim man to Dagbladet.

Hopefully a Progress Party government will put an end to Norway's suicidal immigration policies before it is too late.

Hat tip: Gates of Vienna & Counter Jihad News.

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