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Friday, 17 July 2009

Mass Brawl Between Muslim Gangs in Dewsbury

Every so often, diversity and cultural enrichment manifests itself in its true form, when it emerges that various groups of immigrants simply can't get along together and violence breaks out.

In this example from Dewsbury, a man lost an eye in a street clash between Iraqi and Pakistani men. Another man was stabbed.

Fortunately it appears that no innocent bystanders were caught up in the strife:
A MAN lost an eye in a street fight in Dewsbury at the weekend.
Another was hurt as Iraqis and Pakistanis clashed in Westtown on Sunday afternoon.

Police have mounted extra patrols in the area and a meeting was held to defuse community tension.

Two men have been sent for trial as a result of the incident whilst two others were bailed pending further enquiries.

Local councillor Mumtaz Hussain (Lab, Dews West) was in the Boothroyd Lane area until midnight on Sunday, talking to residents and the families of the injured men. He hastily arranged the meeting with other councillors and various agencies to stop the situation getting out of control.

"We needed to resolve the situation," said Coun Hussain.

At Monday's meeting, police advised people to stay calm and said everything is under control.

The family of the man who lost an eye were distraught. The man's uncle Azhar Iqbal said: "We are devastated, the children have been crying all night."

The injured man's wife collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. "She can't eat or sleep, she is completely traumatised," said Mr Iqbal.

A police spokesman said: "Officers were called to reports of a fight in Boothroyd Lane. A 32-year-old man was taken to hospital with an eye injury and a 29-year-old man was also taken to hospital with a stab wound.

"Both men are in a stable condition.

"Officers are undertaking reassurance patrols in the area and speaking to residents."

Two men appeared at Dewsbury Magistrates' Court on Tuesday and were committed to Leeds Crown Court to appear on July 14. Hasnat Khan, 21, of Thornton Street, Westtown, is charged with wounding and affray and Kamal Khan, 36, of Oxford Road, Westborough, is accused of affray. Both were granted conditional bail.

Kamal Khan's bail conditions are that he must live and sleep at 16, Woodall View, Bradford; must not contact the same three people as Hasnat Khan; and must not enter Kirklees except to go to work in Liversedge.

A 30-year-old man and a 23-year-old man from Dewsbury were bailed pending further enquiries.

A 24-year-old man from Dewsbury was released without charge.


Dr.D said...

Iraqis and Pakis! Kind of like a dog fight! Wow! muzlim on muzlim! What could be better?

This is a step towards solving the problems of multiculturalism. Let them make it very uncomfortable for each other. Just be sure that no Englishmen are hurt and no property is damaged. muzlims live to kill, and killing another muzlim is a fine outlet for them.

Anonymous said...

Dr D

They are fighting over the prey.

Anonymous said...

actually iraqiz are not all muslims as not are all pakistanis and it doesnt mention in the article about religion does it?

Anonymous said...

Its got nothing to do with the members being muslims, we hear more stories of voilence to do with non-muslims, only muslims get the headline and some bunch of loosers choose to exploit it.

Anonymous said...

ur a bloody idiot Dr.D get a life