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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Iraqi Doctor Back to Work After Assaulting Pregnant Woman

From The Bexley Times:
AN IRAQI doctor who has been suspended for four years following a vicious road rage attack on a pregnant woman can return to work - despite ranting at the panel hearing her case.

Dr May Arnaot, 52, of Chandlers Drive, Erith, rammed nurse Sarah Chambers with her 4x4 at a petrol station in Erith, and a year earlier spat in a black rail worker's face, the General Medical Council has heard.

The Baghdad-born doctor had angrily interrupted GMC panel chairman Professor Kevin Dalton at her a fitness to practise hearing last week.

Despite her outburst, she can now return to work under supervision after the GMC ruled last Wednesday that this might be 'constructive'.

But Professor Dalton told her: "The panel is concerned that you have shown limited insight into the seriousness of your convictions and into your professional misconduct, and that issues relating to your anger management are still apparent."

On August 11, 2006, Arnaot pinned Ms Chambers, 25, against a no entry sign when asked for her insurance details following a road rage incident in Gravel Hill, Erith. Arnaot then yelled racist abuse at the nursery nurse, saying: "You're Tony Blair's b**ch, all you white people are the same - you all vote for Tony Blair."

Ms Chambers was hospitalised by the incident amid fears that she would miscarry but Dr Arnaot later received a suspended prison term. Ms Chambers later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

In 2005, Dr Arnaot was given a suspended sentence for calling a rail worker a 'black b*****d' and spitting in his face. She told the hearing: "All convictions were related to issues of anger and being angry. These matters are entirely anger management matters or it was combined with gynaecology health issues which have now with time been surpassed."

Dr Arnaot claimed menopausal disorder was responsible for her rages and has said she will refuse to work with British patients when she returns to work. Conditions on the doctor's registration require her to continue attending anger management counselling.


Anonymous said...

Surely by openly stating she will only treat non-british patients she has infringed some race hate legistlation or does that not apply as she is an iraqi and not white and or british.

Dr.D said...

The UK is truly desperate for doctors if this is considered acceptable. I cannot imagine allowing a person with such behaviour problem to practice medicine. She needs to see a shrink.