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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Treason of Simon Hughes MP

From Gates of Vienna:

“We Need You to Lead Our Politics.”

That’s what Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for North Southwark and Bermondsey, said to British Muslims gathered for the Global Peace and Unity Event on October 25th, 2008.

He also said, “Every country of the world is your country.”

And he said much, much more than that. Here’s the video:

You’ll notice that Mr. Hughes opens his address with “salaam aleikum”, the standard Muslim-to-Muslim greeting. He then quotes from Sura 45 and other parts of the Koran. The Hon. MP may want to meditate on another part of Sura 45, namely verses 7-11:
Woe to each sinful dealer in Falsehoods:

He hears the Signs of Allah rehearsed to him, yet is obstinate and lofty, as if he had not heard them: then announce to him a Penalty Grievous!

And when he learns something of Our Signs, he takes them in jest: for such there will be a humiliating Penalty.

In front of them is Hell: and of no profit to them is anything they may have earned, nor any protectors they may have taken to themselves besides Allah: for them is a tremendous Penalty.

This is (true) Guidance and for those who reject the Signs of their Lord, is a grievous Penalty of abomination.
Mr. Hughes looks ahead with great anticipation to the election of Barack Hussein Obama. It’s obvious that both he and his enthusiastic audience consider Obama to be a Muslim, and that his election will constitute a great sea change in which America reverses position and embraces the Muslim world.

But his wrap-up is the most chilling part of his speech: borders must be abolished, all nations become one, and his Muslim “brothers and sisters” step forward to take their rightful place as leaders of this new transnational entity.

This is a British Member of Parliament speaking - an openly gay Member of Parliament, who has no qualms at all about kow-towing to those who would ruin him, and ruin us.

God help Britain.


DP111 said...

The only thing positive from this speech is that more and more people will realise what a mess the present political establishment have made.

I have been saying for years - I can forgive Labour for the mess they have made in education, NHS, defence, infrastructure- you name it. What I can never forgive them for is that they have laid the foundation for the destruction of historic Britain - even unto the destruction of its soul.

Churchill stated : "Religion (Christianity) has been the bedrock in the life of the British people, upon which they have built their hopes, and cast their cares".

Yes indeed Earl - God help Britain.
But there can be no help unless we humbly ask for forgiveness for turning away from Him.

DP111 said...

I watched this YouTube excerpt once, and once only.

I dont have the stomach to watch it again.

Joe O'Neill said...

Everytime I hear a turd burglar speaking , I just close my eyes and imagine the shit on the sheets when they have finished, it seems as though the shit is coming out of his mouth as well.

Dr.D said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for the US to embrace izlam. It is not going to happen. Zero is a muzlim, and he fooled a lot of people. That does not mean that the US at large has bought into izlam, nor is it going to do so. We have to fight a bloody war to stop it, and we are ready to do so. You will recall, we are all armed, many millions of us. We will not just roll over.

This man (and I use that word very, very loosely), is speaking very foolishly. Anyone who looks to the followers a 7th century pedophile for leadership is clearly out of their minds. Think about it. Does this make sense? In what way? The only thing these people do well is violence. Is that what you want? Is that where you want to go? Is that your future? What has izlam contributed to the world but violence? Not much!

This man is just plain stupid, and yet he is an MP, but then I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe he's gay, I mean just look at the masculine way he steps up to the podium. He's obviously got nothing to fear from Muslim rule.

Charles Frith said...

Rumoured to be into kids too.