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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Violence on the Paris Metro

GalliaWatch provides a translation of an article about an incident of racial gang crime and violence which occurred on the Paris underground railway on 22nd July, as well as the responses of fashionable French opinion:

There was an incident in the Paris subway on July 22. François Desouche has the story, based on the source article in Le Parisien. As of now, the facts have not been entirely elucidated:

Armed gunmen, crowds, interruption of service, passengers fleeing in tunnels and the discovery of a man killed on the subway rails: panic reigned yesterday for more than five hours on line 13 of the Paris metro.

A female passenger alerted the subway employees that two African-type men armed with pistols tried to attack her in the subway car. A fight presumably took place also. Immediately, service was interrupted on the entire line, the electricity cut off and the police informed, while panic-stricken passengers filled the platforms. But when the police arrived, the two men had vanished.

The police increased their checks, searched the station, questioned the passengers, and got swallowed up in the tunnel. No success: it was impossible to find out more about the mysterious armed men.

Meanwhile, the news spread like wildfire, setting off other scenes of panic. At 4:30 p.m. when the subway they were on stopped in the tunnel between Varenne and Invalides, the terrified passengers escaped clumsily from the cars to get to the station on foot.

In addition, a man of Asian origin was fatally struck by a subway on this same line 13, but no one knows if this tragic death has any connection to the preceding incidents.

Note: Some François Desouche readers advise caution, since the facts are not all known. Others lash out out the readers of Le Parisien who make light of the incident when they insist that this sort of thing is bound to happen in the Paris subway. Still others are critical of the Le Parisien report itself that greatly minimizes the events because of the African origin of the two men.

One FDS reader found this comment from a very well-indoctrinated Le Parisien reader to be significant:

In a huge city like Paris it is not surprising that this type of chaos takes place from time to time. You have to look squarely at things. And I don't see what purpose it serves to specify that the armed men were African in appearance and that the man found dead was Asian... except to arouse a bit more the nasty and stupid "mixophobes". But turning people against each other is the media's specialty.

It is significant because it uses a word new to the lexicon of official thought: MIXOPHOBE. A mixophobe would be a person suffering from mixophobia, or dread of mixing races. In short dread of métissage.
Ah yes. The people with the problem in modern Europe are those who notice the violent chaos around them and its causes, not the architects and supporters of said chaos.

Duly noted.

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