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Friday, 24 July 2009

Prolific Somali Thief Sues over Length of Detention

More legal madness courtesy of the British taxpayer:

A 'prolific' Somalian thief was on the brink of freedom yesterday and could claim damages against the Government because his detention was a breach of human rights.

A judge ruled the man, referred to as MM, had been held for too long awaiting deportation to his war-torn homeland.

Mr Justice Charles estimated it was unlikely MM - whose offences included theft, shoplifting, disorderly behaviour, possession of heroin and common assault --could be deported for at least another 18 months.

Immigration law states detainees can only be held if there is a realistic prospect of removal within a reasonable time.

There have already been payouts in similar cases, and more challenges are pending before the High Court.

Home Office immigration authorities opposed MM's release on the grounds that the 26-yearold had been a prolific offender, and there was a danger of him reoffending or absconding.

But the judge, sitting at the High Court, ruled MM, father of two young sons, had served his time.

He said the continuing detention, which stands at 22 months, had become unlawful. He ordered MM's release within 48 hours from Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, West London.

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