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Monday, 20 July 2009

The Real Face of the Liberal Elite

Recently BNP leader Nick Griffin made some controversial comments about the nature of mass immigration in modern Britain, and those who are left to suffer the most as a result.

To illustrate his point, he suggested sending newly arrived immigrants to Hampstead, "to see how the liberal elite like it."

We all know that the poor and disenfranchised (those likely to vote for Mr Griffin's party in the first place) suffer the worst consequences of mass immigration and cultural diversity in this and other Western countries.

There were howls of outrage from Hampstead after the comments were made - very interesting howls:
COMMUNITY leaders have lashed out against British National Party leader Nick Griffin after he suggested putting immigrants in Hampstead to see how the "liberal elite" liked it.

The comments were made in an interview on the Andrew Marr Show last Sunday when the BBC One show host asked him what should be done about people who want to come to Britain.

Mr Griffin said: "If we're going to allow them to come, for a start, I'd say, 'Well, let's start sticking them in Hampstead in the places where the liberal elite live instead of poor places like Barking and Barnsley and Manchester and see how you people like it."

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, from the New North London Synagogue, said that the tone of Mr Griffin's comments was profoundly racist. He said: "Britain, including places like Hampstead and Manchester, is built on many waves of immigrants to this country - Protestant Huguenots, Irish, Jewish, Asian and African. Overall, the evidence is that these groups have made a profoundly positive contribution to the country they have arrived in."

Heath and Hampstead Society chairman Tony Hillier said: "Hampstead is a very welcoming environment. We all come from somewhere. I'm an immigrant from Finchley Central and my wife is an immigrant from Norway, and that's just fine."

Firstly, we have the typical liberal blindness of Rabbi Wittenberg; all immigrants are the same, all cultures are equal, and the huge, unprecedented demographic shift which is occurring this time around is nothing to worry about - unless you're a racist, of course. There are problems, but it'll all sort it itself out and we'll get along.

The fact is, the Rabbi clearly lives on another planet. Griffin's comments may well be 'profoundly racist', but they are more importantly profoundly true.

How can one compare, with a straight face, the contributions of Jews and Huguenots (who did not come in overwhelming numbers) to this country to those of 'Asians and Africans'?

Some "Asians" have contributed and make worthy citizens, it is true, but others have not, and forty years after they arrived seem determined to continue this trend.

I wonder who the Rabbi's next door neighbours are? I wonder if he'd like to swap with another Jewish Londoner who recently suffered this indignity:
June 08, 2009


STAMFORD HILL, STOKE NEWINGTON, N LONDON. A Muslim student who racially abused a disabled Jewish woman after she asked him not to play ball games in the street was spared jail. Hushen Ali, 20, branded Batya Beverley Wiles a 'Jewish bitch' and a 'Jewish c**t' after she confronted him in her wheelchair.
Then we have the truly laughable assertion from Tony Hillier - "I am an immigrant from Finchley Central."

The contempt for ordinary people and the world they have to live in thanks to the likes of Hillier is truly staggering. I wonder how the people of Finchley Central feature in the crime statistics compared to the people of Pakistan or Somalia?

Sadly, this trend of laughing at the concerns of the British people is only going to get worse.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson is now insisting that what Britain needs at this time of population boom and economic bust is more migrants:

HOME Secretary Alan Johnson provoked anger yesterday by insisting the Government had a duty to “make the case” for yet more immigration.

In a television interview the Cabinet Minister claimed that a continuing influx of workers from overseas would boost the country’s economy.

And he fuelled the controversy further by suggesting Britain was now “closed” to unskilled migrants – despite continuing concern about illegal immigration and open borders with the European Union.

Last night critics accused the newly-appointed Home Secretary of being “utterly complacent” about Labour’s widely criticised border policy.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on the phenomenon of 'white flight', where those who are able escape the dystopian nightmare or Britain's inner cities:
OLDHAM’S £230 million secondary school rebuilding programme is a unique opportunity to tackle segregation, according to a community cohesion think-tank.

But all local communities must be fully consulted and involved in developing new schools.

These are among the findings of a new report “Building Community Cohesion in Britain” which focused on 13 areas, including Oldham.

Written by the the Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo), it named Oldham among the most segregated areas of the country.

It warned of “white flight” from schools and said: “Many of the schools and colleges in the areas we have studied are segregated to a greater or lesser extent and the evidence available to us at a local level suggested that this was generally worsening over recent years.

“This reflects in part residential segregation, but it reflects also parental choice, despite the fact that most people we spoke to in focus groups wanted their children to have a mixed education.

“Parental choice tended to push people to what they saw as the safe option, where children with similar backgrounds went."
Odd how it can 'warn' of white flight but not actually examine the many, many legitimate reasons for it.

You would think that parental choice knew best - but not in Big Brother Britain, where the state is all seeing, all knowing, all blundering.

Best just lie back and let the medicine run its course - after all, the immigration policy has worked out so well, why not trust the forced integration policy?


Edwin Greenwood said...

"...despite the fact that most people we spoke to in focus groups wanted their children to have a mixed education."

What did they expect people to say in a focus group? The language necessary to express explicit disquiet about this topic has long since been delegitimized.

They may well be thinking, "I don't want my kids educated with a lot of violent, racist, clannish darkies with alien and incompatible customs and who barely speak any English." All they can do is smile politely, say "Diversity Doubleplusgood!", and then quietly set about relocating to a "less diverse" catchment area.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen if a significant number of people acknowledged that they liked to live among their own, like Muslims like to live in their own communities - and if this was racist, so be it, as it is their right as Englishmen to be what they wish.

I dont think it will make any difference. We know that 80% of the population wish capital punishment to be restored. It has made no difference to parliament, which ironically is there to represent commoners.

Changing the views of the elite always takes place at the pointy end of a sword, or the barrel of a gun. Cromwell understood it and so did Mao. It is no wonder that even Richard North of EU Referendum is opining for a New Model army. But where is the Cromwell?