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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Swedish Migration Board Bans 'Racist' Lawyer

It seems that in Sweden, ones right to have political opinions which are private and separate from ones work life is not a guaranteed right.

Recently a lawyer who worked for the Swedish asylum board was banned from working again for keeping an online blog in which he expressed some rather unorthodox opinions about immigrants, Islam and the wave of 'cultural enrichment' which Sweden is currently experiencing:
An asylum lawyer and local politician from Skåne in southern Sweden has been blacklisted by the country’s migration authorities following revelations about his personal blog on which he referred to Islam as a “psychosocial disease”.

Back in June, the local Sydsvenskan newspaper drew attention to the racist and anti-immigrant views espoused on the personal blog of Hans-Ola Mårtensson, a lawyer previously contracted by the Swedish Migration Board (
Migrationsverket) to represent the interests of asylum seekers.

“Tear down Rosengård, Hammarkullen and Tensta and send those living there to Norrland and Lappland [in Sweden’s far north]. There they can be integrated, learn Swedish, be de-Islamified, and be happy,” wrote Mårtensson, referring to areas in Malmö and Stockholm with high concentrations of immigrants.

The post is one among many on his blog which feature racist and anti-immigrant overtones. Following the newspaper’s report, however, Mårtensson elected to take down the blog.

According to the Migration Board, the revelations about Mårtensson’s views have damaged his credibility.

“It’s important for our representatives to have the confidence of asylum seekers and we don’t think that he does,” said acting Migration Board director Mikael Ribbenvik to the TT news agency.

In a response to migration officials, he argues that he is capable of drawing a line between his professional responsibilities and his private views.

But Ribbenvik rejected Mårtensson’s reasoning.

“That doesn’t work at all. When he goes public with those opinions and they can be viewed by asylum seekers, it damages not only his, but also our credibility with asylum seekers,” he said.

The Migration Board decision means that Mårtensson’s name has been added to a list of lawyers deemed inappropriate for working with the agency as advocates for asylum seekers or others who require legal representation.
Perhaps if more Swedes had the ability or the courage to speak up, the nation would not be in the dire straits it is now.

But, whilst this decision may reassure 'asylum seekers', it certainly will not reassure Swedes that they have the right to hold and express opinions about the destiny of their own country.


Dr.D said...

This is logical. It is one of the few things about the current situation that is logical. It respects the fact that lawyers cannot honestly be as two-faced as they claim to be. At some level, they must believe something. And if that something is in conflict with the interests of their client, then they cannot truly represent that client fully. Most lawyers claim to be able to believe anything, even the innocence of the most obviously guilty. At some level, deep in their hearts, if they have any conscience left at all (and we have to question this for many lawyers), they cannot truly believe this, blatantly though they lie.

The law is a sham, all about forcing people to appear to believe one thing, even when they actually believe the other.

Now this man should seek employment fighting for freedom, to rid his country of these problem people. There his talents can be honestly used, and he will not have to hide.

DP111 said...

A nation is defined by common language and culture; defending it from a group that does not have that commonality, was regarded as not only normal but a duty. In this day and age, that duty has become a racist act.

We thus arrive at the conclusion that patriotism is racist.

It is a strange era we live in, when defending one's country from hostile groups of people, whose stated intention is to change the culture and heritage of the country they have been allowed to settle in, is regarded as racism.

Though I have to admit, all this is not the fault of Muslim immgrants, but the international socialists/marxists that now occupy the seats of power.

Dr D

You are right. This person has to fight openly. Though in Sweden, he will still be tried for racism. In Holland he might be murdered by one of the many diversity enrichers.