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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Afghan Illegal Raped 16 Year Old Girl

A harrowing (yet increasingly common) story from Reading:

A serial sex offender is due to be sentenced today for climbing through a sleeping woman’s window in West Reading and raping her.

Sick Jawid Armani, an illegal immigrant, will also be sentenced on two counts of raping a 16-year-old girl in Warwickshire seven months after the Reading attack.

The first incident took place in Westbrook Road at around 5.30am on August 30, 2008, when Armani – who got in through an open first floor window – attacked the then 48-year-old woman in her bed.

Before the incident happened he was seen lurking around the area for a few hours.

Then, on Monday, March 16, Armani attacked and raped a teen in her home town of Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

He was caught soon after the attack on the 16-year-old as she was walking home at 1.30am.

Armani, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty through an interpreter to two charges of raping the Kenilworth girl.

She was attacked from behind by Armani who forced her to perform a sex act on him before raping her. These pleas were entered at Warwick Crown Court at the end of March.

On Monday, May 11, Armani, originally from Afghanistan, appeared at Reading Crown Court where he admitted raping the Reading woman.

During court hearings Armani claimed he had travelled to the UK in a lorry and had only been in the country for 48 hours when he raped the girl in Kenilworth.

He also claimed he could not remember what had happened because he was very drunk at the time. He is currently in custody.


Anonymous said...

The drumbeat of Islamic barbarity never ceases.

Anonymous said...

And from Canada

Possible honor killing in Canada: Three Muslim sisters murdered; parents and brother arrested

Masoomi told the Kingston newspaper that Rona Amir Mohammed could not have children, and so Shafi took a second wife, a practice not uncommon in Afghani culture. Masoomi said her sister remained with the family and raised the children, even when they moved to Dubai....

"Afghani culture." Not "Islamic culture." Certainly not "Islamic law." And never will you see a story that says that polygamy is "sanctioned by the Qur'an."


Anonymous said...

The Scales of Justice Are About To Tip In Favour Of The State

For the first time, the ' rulers' will have enhanced legal protection from the consequences of their incompetence over us the 'ruled'. No more messy inquests into the shooting of unarmed electricians on the underground, no legal consequences for battering an innocent bystander at a demonstration so that he dies. You can now lose your life,your property and your wealth, and you will not be able to sue the State for redress.

In the dying days of this corrupt Parliament, the Treasury Solicitors are ging to argue that Civil Servants have no duty of care to the public and cannot be sued for negligence


Anonymous said...

If he'd been deported as he morally and legally should have been he wouldn't have been here to do it.