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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Taking Care of Muslim Health Concerns First

Two recent stories show how the authorities in Britain are going out of their way to cater to Islamic demands in the world of health.

The first concerns some Muslim council employees in St. Albans refusing to use alcohol-based hand gels in a bid to combat swine flu - despite the fact that gels not based on alcohol are proven to be far less effective at halting the spread of germs.

Even the Muslim Council of Britain insisted that everyone should use the alcohol-based gels to be healthy, but the politically correct apparatchiks at St. Albans council knew better.

Not only did they cave to the pressure of their Muslim employees and provide the sub-standard product, they also 'reported the matter to the Equalities Officer'.

The full story:

Some Muslims have refused to use alcohol-based hand gels to combat the spread of swine flu because they claim it is against their religion.

Some of those employed by St Albans Council in Hertfordshire have complained about the antibacterial lotion, which is considered a key strategy in containing the virus.

Officials were concerned because the Koran bans Muslims from consuming alcohol, so council chiefs issued them with non-alcohol hand gels, which studies have shown to be less effective in killing bugs.

But Muslim leaders criticised the council’s decision to change the gel, pointing out that Islamic teachings allow Muslims to use alcohol for medicinal purposes.

The Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘We would advise people to follow the medical advice so we would, of course, encourage people to use hand gel. ‘People need to find ways to accommodate their beliefs.’

Councils, schools and businesses across the country have ordered supplies of alcohol-based hand gels to reduce the spread of swine flu.

A spokesman for St Albans Council said it had issued hand gel to all employees in May.

Staff were told they could also get an alcohol-free version. The spokesman added: ‘Following this, two members of staff asked for alcohol-free hand gels and these were provided in May and the Equalities Officer was informed of this.’
Meanwhile, in Oldham, Muslims are being given special 'targetted' help to quit smoking in the run up to Ramadan - at the expense of the British taxpayer:
LOCAL Muslims will be given targeted support in a bid to help them quit smoking before Ramadan.

Specialised one-stop shops will be held within the communities of Clarksfield, Glodwick, Coppice and Werneth. The first sessions were held on Wednesday at the Pakistani community centre, Marlborough Street, Glodwick, and at Coppice Community Centre, Werneth Hall Road.

Local GP Dr Zuber Ahmed provided prescriptions for nicotine replacements at the sessions which are being run by Oldham Community Health Services’ specialist stop-smoking service.

People who visit will be seen by an adviser and it is hoped they will carry on attending sessions and eventually quit the habit for good.

Nomir Haris, stop-smoking adviser for Black Minority Ethnic communities, said: “It is likely that Muslims will smoke more heavily in the evenings during Ramadan because they are unable to smoke during the day. So we want to offer help to stop before Ramadan.”

Advisers who can speak languages such as Bangla, Urdu, Pari and Punjabi will be on hand to help.

For further details about the one-stop shops or to get help and advice on stopping smoking, contact Oldham specialist stop-smoking service on 0800-328 8534 or 0844-873 0032.

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