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Monday, 20 July 2009

Violence Against the Elderly in Germany

A very disturbing case from Germany, translated by Seuthanan:
Senior Citizen Beater Now in Jail

By Noel Altendorf and Marco Zitzow

He pulled the hood over his head. In his hand he held a piece of paper. It is a warrant for his arrest!

Martin G. (19) had pleaded for forgiveness and made himself appear repentant. But it did not help him at all. He is the beater, who a week ago thrashed two senior citizens (69, 74) and a pensioner (72) in the hospital – and who at first the law let run free.

Nevertheless now he sits behind bars.
Yesterday at 3 PM the beater placed himself in Police Commissariat 26 and two hours later policemen drove him in a prisoner transport to interrogation.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office obtained a warrant for his arrest today from the district court of Altona”, said Wilhelm Möllers, speaker of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
“There is the risk that the accused may repeat the offense. This reason for arrest could be accepted and justified only after a careful examination of the records.”

The act: Last Saturday, Martin G. broke into the care center at about 5:30 AM.

There he went through the reception’s bar and then ran into the adjacent tenement house. When Siglinde L. (74) opened the door, he knocked her down and demanded money. Booty: 70 Euros.

When the woman cried for help, her neighbors, a married couple, hurried to her assistance. These pensioners were also struck down. Another tenant finally frightened Martin G. away. As he went out the door he practically ran into the arms of the Police.

But: That night the beater was released again for lack of reasons for his arrest – until yesterday.
The unemployed suspect does not deny the allegations, but he states that he can remember nearly nothing. During the crime he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In BILD (German newspaper) the young father was ashamed for his running amok.
Martin G. will now have to answer before court for attempted theft, causing bodily injury, and completed and attempted robbery.
One of the frail victims had a heart attack because of her ordeal - but the German 'justice' system let the thug responsible get away until now, even though he ran into the police as he left the crime scene. They cited 'lack of reasons to arrest and hold him'.

Here are some pictures of his victims:

I have experience of the German justice system first hand; sometimes, a violent offender will simply have to give his name and address so a court order can be posted to him, as opposed to being taken into custody on the spot.

This case has a particular resonance, however; is this really any way to treat people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives?

Are elderly Germans simply there to be preyed upon by unemployed immigrants and their progeny?

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