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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Success of Diversity in Denmark (II)

Gates of Vienna has some more disturbing stories of cultural enrichment in Denmark.

The first concerns five youths who were taken from a detention centre for young criminals to the beach with four staff - then allowed to take out a speedboat alone, during which time they tried to drown a Danish family:
They asked if we are Danes, and then they shouted “f**king Danish pigs” and “f**k Denmark”

From the local paper Sjællandske Slagelse this Monday — Attempt to sail down father and his sons: “They could have drowned us”. (Not online).
A lovely afternoon trip on the sea in separate kayaks became a nightmare for a father and his two teenage sons age 16 and 14 and later on the day for the mother of the family also.

Around 1 o’clock on Tuesday June 30 they were on their way from Halsskov Rev [a local reef — translator] towards Korsør when the cozy chit-chat among them was suddenly interrupted. Around 500 meters from the shore and the campground they encountered a speedboat with five youngsters coming right towards them in high speed.

“They ploughed right through us. It was totally clear that they were trying to make us capsize. They did not succeed… while they sailed around us they were laughing their heads off — they really had a great time. Two of them were filming everything on their mobile phones,” the 49-year-old father of the family says…
The father says that he would judge the kids in the boat to be between 10 and 18 years old and all of them of an origin other than Danish. “When they had ploughed through us they reduced their speed and asked us if we were Danes. We said yes and then they shouted “f**king Danish pigs” and “f**k Denmark” and all these kinds of things. They sailed away, came back again and tried to sail us down two more times. My sons were scared as s**t,” the father says.

The three of them stayed on the water, but at one time the speedboat came so close that the 16-year-old capsized…

“Shortly thereafter we saw the speedboat again coming fast towards us and it tried to sail us down a few more times. Again they laughed and recorded everything on their mobile phones while it happened,” the father says…

The article reports that the racist youngsters came from a youth correction facility called Lille Stokkerup in Jyderup, and even though they were accompanied by four staff members, none of the staff were in the speedboat.

The second story concerns a taxpayer funded, social programme rap class which had to be stopped - after one of the aspiring gangstas decided to rap about shooting a Danish politician:
Rap classes stopped over death threat

New youth club rap teacher sought after student writes threatening lyrics about politician

Classes in rapping at an Århus youth club have been abruptly halted after an 11-year-old student was allowed to write and perform a song that included lyrics about killing right-wing politician Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish People’s Party.

According to B.T. newspaper, the boy’s rap included the line ‘I have a single bullet for Messerschmidt because he talks a lot of s**t’. The boy was being tutored by underground Århus rapper Carthage Beck McGosh.

After finding out about the song, the youth club’s manager had the classes immediately stopped. However, the project leader said the classes would resume in two weeks after a new teacher was found.
Rapper 1

TB adds some background to the case:
The original article in Danish from before the rap school was closed has pictures of the enricher: “May I introduce you to Salman Aqbi and his teacher Carthage Beck McGosh” (scroll down when entering the page to see the shiny happy people).

Rapper 2

In the original article the lyrics have now been deleted by the paper. But Uriasposten has them and I have translated the first and most important part of it below (with some modifications where needed):

Ey yo,
all that Gangsta Funk,
are you crazy man.
I sell Gangsta skunk till they get all f****d up,
become crazy,
can’t you understand,
till they lose their color, listen

I hate my contact person, he does not understand
that Salman is a hot shot
I have a single bullet for Messerschmidt
Cause he talks a lot of s**t
well he can suck my c***

Mr. Prime Minister Mr. Lars Løkke
I want to steal with you
can I fat boy
I hear that you get wine for free cigarettes for free porn movies for free

Inspiring, worthwhile stuff, as you can see.


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