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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Token Sob Story

A story about Nigerian 'model pupils' who will be deported back to their country of origin is supposed to cause a tear in the eye.

Don't get me wrong - I have some empathy, but the fact of the matter is that people do not have the inalienable right to settle in Britain because there life is better here than it would be abroad.

The law cannot distinguish between the bad and the good, there must be some objectivity. Whilst the bad should be expelled outright, we still don't have the room or resources for everyone considered 'good'.

A friend of mine who teaches at a local girls' grammar school was ostracised after refusing to donate to the appeal of an Afghan 6th former who faced deportation.

It was a remarkably similar case to this; he was a 'model pupil', he had settled, he didn't deserve it, etc etc etc.

The only thing he'd done wrong was violate British and international law in order to come here illegally and claim asylum, then be educated and live at our expense - where was her heart?

The fact of the matter is, if the Home Office wishes to be kinder to asylum seekers they should make up their minds far more quickly than they do. The system is buckling under the strain - people can't be given residency simply because their application took too long.

Here is the story:

A model schoolgirl and her family are being thrown out of Britain and forced to return to Nigeria four years after their policeman father was murdered there.

Star pupil Saskia Iloba, her brothers and her mother face the threat of persecution and arrest in their native land after the failure of a long campaign by MPs to stop the deportation.

Saskia, Toby and Emanuel were tipped for glowing futures after being hailed by their teachers as some of the best pupils they had ever seen.

Saskia and her family settled in Rochdale four years ago after the murder of their father. The family say that it was politically motivated and they face repercussions on their return.

Yes, criminals are allowed to stay and that is wrong - but the answer is not that everyone but criminals can stay.

As I said, I have some empathy with the plight of these people - but why is it Britain's place to take in, house and educate the family of every Nigerian police officer who is killed?

Realistically, will such a policy help Nigeria and all Nigerians in the long run?

If these kids are as academically wonderful as their teachers say, then Nigeria probably needs them far more than we do.


DP111 said...

Immigrants, particularly Muslim ones, are always model persons, until they get their citizenship. Once they are secure and feel they cannot be deported, the Jihad feeling comes over them. Then it is wage war on the Infidel anyway which. The best way is to scam the benefit system - this way it is not only waging Jihad, but are rewarded for it.

DP111 said...

Just noticed - the Nigerian family are not Muslim but actually a church going Christian family. In other words, their culture is fairly similar to that of Europe.

That damns them straightaway. Now if they were Muslim...