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Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Labour & Mass Immigration

Today The Daily Express published an article by Patrick O'Flynn which examines the way in which the Labour government have managed Britain's immigration policy since they came to power in 1997.

It pretty much nails it, recognising that this isn't an accident or wilful blindness - this is a deliberate attempt to alter our country through social engineering and build a different type of society, an update of the Socialist dream.

I must confess I used to find such views quite fanciful, but not now; there is simply no other explanation. I find it hard to believe that anyone in a position of responsibility could be this blind or this stupid unless it was deliberate and there was method in their madness.

Here is the article in full:

Story ImageAlan Johnson welcomes immigrants

By Patrick O'Flynn

Thursday July 16,2009

ALAN JOHNSON has only been home secretary for a month but he has already secured his place as the most radical occupant of the post in the Blair-Brown years.

He has achieved this status by taking one simple step. he has stopped lying to the British people about his party’s real attitude towards immigration. he may yet be prevailed upon by Gordon Brown to begin the great deceit again but it will be too late.

The truth is on the record now: Labour loves mass immigration and looks forward to promoting lots more of it. It does not fear the consequences for our already overcrowded island of hosting a population of 70 million, neither does it worry about the creation of a multicultural society where different ethnic enclaves holding rival cultural values compete with each other for public resources.

Where ministers have previously claimed to feel our pain and nodded sagely at cohesion panel reports warning that the “pace of change” has been too fast and the pressure on public services too great, the truth is that they do not acknowledge any downside to mass immigration and do not want it to stop.

Many of them despise traditional British values and Britain’s history, especially its imperial past. They actually want to obliterate all of these and put in their place a melting-pot society where cultures from all over the world are equally represented and enjoy parity of esteem.

On Tuesday Mr Johnson told the Commons home Affairs select committee: “I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70 million. I’m happy to live in a multicultural society. I’m happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but where we can go and live and work in other countries.”

This was no casual slip of the tongue. This was the new home secretary’s first public pro- nouncement about the broad direction of immigration policy and he clearly decided to take his courage in his hands and present Labour’s true intentions to the British public.

It always stretched credulity to believe that Labour’s lax immigration policy was purely a consequence of ministerial incompetence, much though that has been in evidence these past 12 years. Labour did not fail to honour its pledge to deport 30,000 failed asylum seekers a year by accident.

Neither, surely, did it ever really believe in its preposterous projection of an influx from Eastern Europe of only 5,000-13,000 a year as a consequence of EU enlargement. It simply used that figure as a basis for arguing against the imposition of transitional controls on access to the British labour market. It cannot really have been surprised by the resulting influx of a million migrant workers – that was deliberate, too.

Likewise, Labour must have known when it abolished the old primary purpose rule that controlled the flow of new spouses into Britain from the Indian subcontinent what the consequences would be: a doubling of immigration by young adults from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, a rise in the number of young British Asians bullied by their parents into marrying people they had never met with a consequential rise in the birthrate among several ethnic minority groups.

Once one appreciates that Mr Johnson was articulating the real views of his party, the unprecedented levels of immigration presided over by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown begin to make sense. But the depth of mendacity they plumbed in disguising their intentions becomes truly breathtaking. “British jobs for British workers” can be seen for what it is – the most dishonest slogan put before the voters in living memory.

And “British homes for British families” is also baloney, an aspiration made illegal by Labour’s own equality laws. I have no doubt that the vast majority of Labour Party members will agree with every word uttered by Mr Johnson.

The canny home secretary will know that two thirds of immigrants vote for the party they have correctly identified as offering them the most goodies in terms of welfare benefits – Labour. he will also know that many constituency Labour parties are now dominated by ethnic minority members. Thus openly speaking up for immigration will do his party leadership hopes no harm whatever.

But the home secretary’s candour has put his underling, the immigration minister Phil Woolas in a difficult position. Mr Woolas promised to stop the population soaring to 70 million and has asked the public to believe that a new “points-based” immigration policy he has devised will slow the influx. If he truly believes in the need to get a grip on immigration, his letter of resignation will be tendered by tomorrow.

More importantly, the British public, more than two thirds of whom say they strongly support much tighter immigration controls, can no longer honourably claim to have been bamboozled by Labour on migration policy. Anyone who votes for the party at the next election must surely now understand they will be voting for the floodgates to stay open.

None of the mainstream political parties is responding to the dominant public view that mass immigration must cease. The Tories say they will impose an annual limit but will not say what that limit should be. Yesterday they chose not to take issue with Mr Johnson’s sentiments. It is therefore hardly surprising that parties which have hitherto been consigned to the fringes of British politics are rapidly growing in popularity and appeal.


Nemesis said...

I would imagine that Alan Johnson lives in an area that is so far unaffected by diverse peoples.

This person could be the spokesman for all western governments!

Dr.D said...

Where are the pitch forks?

When will they come out?

Nemesis said...

I believe the time is rapidly approaching Dr.D.

Ben said...

"a socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the object worship of the state. It will prescribe for every one where they are to work, what they are to work at, where they may go and what they may say. Socialism is an attack on the right to breathe freely. No socialist system can be established without a political police. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance."

Winston Churchill in an electoral broadcast prior to the British general election of 1945.