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Monday, 13 July 2009

The Success of Diversity in Denmark

A couple of very disturbing stories of 'cultural enrichment in Denmark which have been compiled at Gates of Vienna over the past few days:
Woman attacked by 20 persons

POLICE: A 45-year-old woman was attacked by 20 persons of Pakistani origin on Wednesday, when she tried to walk through a playground along with a friend in Lergravsparken. The group had told the women not to go through the park.

When the 45-year-old made a response to this statement, an unidentified liquid was thrown on her by one attacker, while another kicked her in the stomach, which made her fall to the ground.
After this the group threatened her that she was going to get burned in the face. The threat became reality when they burned the woman in the forehead with a cigarette. After the assault the group ran off towards Holmbladsgade.

Two young men aged 17 and 18 were arrested and charged. Despite a thorough investigation in the area, it has not been possible to find the other perpetrators.

Please contact the police, Station Amager, if you know anything.
After the joys of Pakistani enrichment, we have some Somalis:
Taxi driver robbed

Five Somalis were arrested after they stole a taxi driver’s money this morning.

The taxi driver picked up a group of Somalis in Nørre Sundby in Nordjylland, but in the middle of the trip, turmoil occurred in the car. The Somalis stole the driver’s wallet, jumped out of the car and ran off with 1500 kroner [roughly US$300].
The driver immediately called the police, who came instantly. Twenty minutes later they found the perpetrators, a group of five Somalis, who were all arrested. They are now charged with theft but have been released, it is stated by the Nordjyllands Police.

The taxi driver got away unharmed.
Interestingly, two translations of the same incident:
Bus driver knifed at Nørreport Station

A Danish bus driver was stabbed in the face by a young man at Nørreport Station in Copenhagen because he did not want to allow the man, who was holding an invalid ticket, on the bus.

The perpetrator, who is between 16 and 18 years old and described as a foreigner [some media reports describe him as Afghan], tried to enter the bus on an invalid ticket, Thomas Dürr from Copenhagen Police says.

Tried to run after the perpetrator

“The bus driver refused to allow the man to enter, and tore up the invalid ticket. That made the man strike the driver,” Thomas Dürr says.

The driver ran after the perpetrator but suddenly had to stop when it was clear to him that his face had been cut.

“The victim first discovered that he had been cut when he ran after the attacker, and therefore he cannot remember what he was actually cut with,” Thomas Dürr says.

The victim was on bus 150S to Gammel Holte.

Victim’s condition not critical
The Danish bus driver has been taken to Rigshospitalet. He had a long cut along his temporal bone that needed stitches, but his condition is not critical.

According to witnesses at the location, it was a dramatic sight when the driver tried to run up the young attacker. He had blood running down his neck and all over his shirt, a witness says, who also states that it looked like the victim gave up the chase because he suddenly felt bad.

The perpetrator disappeared on foot towards Israels Plads, Thomas Dürr says.

He was between 16 and 18 years old, nicely dressed, and of an ethnic origin other than Danish.
From Ritzau via Jyllands-Posten, as translated by Zonka:
Bus driver knifed down

A bus driver was Thursday afternoon stabbed with a knife in the face, when a scuffle broke out in a bus near Nørreport.

According to the central duty leader at the Police Yard the perpetrator is a young man 16-18 years old, “nicely” dressed, and has an Afghan appearance.

The man escaped after the deed across Israels Plads towards H.C. Ørstedsparken, where the police used dogs to track him.

The bus driver has been taken to Rigshospitalet, but his condition is not thought to be critical.
In case this wave of violent crime worries you, I have to tell you that the Danish authorities have the last incident, at the very least, under control.

Their solution?

Female bus drivers of a non-Danish background!

From Islam in Europe:
Putting minority women behind the wheel on the city's busiest bus route has meant fewer disruptive incidents

City bus operator Netbus is finding that 'manning' its 42 busses on the heavily travelled 5A route with minority women is helping curb unruly passenger behaviour and attracting more women to the job.

The 5A, which cuts through the middle of the ethnically diverse Nørrebro district, transports 65,000 people every day, making it northern Europe's busiest bus route.

Netbus figures show that in the first year the company operated the route there were 16 reported instances of a driver feeling threatened by passengers. But none of them involved the route's two female minority drivers.

Based on the positive results and feedback about the Brazilian and Albanian natives, Netbus has just hired a third female driver with immigrant roots, this time from Pakistan.

Peter Sieland, who teaches and instructs new bus drivers, told Berlingske Tidende newspaper he believes the women's presence has a calming effect on the route's more boisterous passengers – in particular, young men from minority ethnic groups.

'I think they respect women drivers more,' said Sieland. 'Also, women tend to drive safer, are good at resolving conflict and have an almost built-in service gene, while men often have a need to show they are captain of the bus.'

The newest of the three 5A women, Saiqa Mehmooda, used to be a teacher. As a practicing Muslim she wears a headscarf when she works, and she says young Muslim men show her more respect because of it.

'When I taught, I noticed the boys would maybe cuss and talk back to the other teachers,' she said. 'But when I scolded them they suddenly became nice and charming. I think it's the same in the bus.'

Well, I'm not sure how that helps with the other crimes - a curfew for ethnic Danes, perhaps? Danish women being banned from certain areas of Copenhagen?

After all, if diversity is the result, then the price must be worth paying.

N.B. If a Danish speaker who would be willing to submit or help me with future translations reads this site, please get in touch via the comment section or email.

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