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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (XV)

Which Western country is getting the most out of its immigration policy? Today we have five contenders; Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

1) United Kingdom

A man is on trial in Scotland for three rapes on separate women in Buckie and Elgin between 2005 and 2008.

Djarga Balde, 24, of Buckie, repeatedly called one of the women his girlfriend during one incident. Another claims he raped her because she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Balde has entered a special defence claiming consensual sex.

2) Netherlands

Minister of Integration Van der Laan has declared that the constant influx of new immigrants via 'marriage-immigration' is an unbearable burden on Dutch society.

The marriage partners are often poorly educated, and their presence means most resources and efforts thrown at integrating immigrants are simply wasted:

The cabinet is seeking a better lock on the door. Since the stricter demands for family reunification under former minister Verdonk also don't work sufficiently well. Moroccan men evade the income and education demands by smuggling their brides in via Belgium, admits the Labor minister.

"This has nothing to with free love, either," says Van der Laan. Many Moroccan men deliberately go to look for a traditional wife from their motherland, instead of choosing an undisciplined woman in the Netherlands. That is also a problem for the well integrated, ambitious girls, thinks the minister.

3) Denmark

Copenhagen has seen a wave of incidents of violent gang warfare over the past few months. The violence is generally between immigrant criminals and ethnic Danish Hells Angels.

Now it emerges that the Danish chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir is using the gang violence and the threat of more to threaten the Danish government:

In the name of Allah, the forgiving, the merciful

Management of the gang conflict
Clarifies the irresponsibility and heralds further unrest

For some time now, we’ve witnessed an escalating conflict in Copenhagen between various gangs. That conflict, which is due to rivalry within the criminal sphere, has taken its toll of random victims after it escalated into open street shootings in heavily populated areas, close to kindergartens, sports facilities and cafés. Some parts of the city with a strong concentration of Muslim families has suffered several shootouts, where innocent Muslims have been wounded and some even killed! In spite of the authorities’ promises to interfere, the shootings continued, causing yet more innocent victims. For that reason many citizens in the exposed areas feel insecure and fear that their children may be the next victims.

In the midst of this tragic development we observe some media and politicians trying to exploit the conflict in order to serve their own Islam-hostile agenda. By focusing solely on those gangs whose members are mainly second-generation immigrants, they put forward stigmatizing statements and absurd accusations about the Muslims’ cultural background being the foundation of crime! Especially the statement of the Danish minister of justice, who paints the conflict as an assault on Denmark by foreigners, saying, “we have a right to protect our country against foreigners who bear loaded firearms. This may sound very nationalistic, but I’ll say: get out of our country.”. Furthermore, the politicians use this development to trump each other with demands about discriminatory laws against Muslims as such! Laws which, according to several experts, such as the chairman of the Council for Crime Prevention, could stir up further conflict!

Gates of Vienna carries an English translation of the full document here.

4) Norway

An imam in Norway has been arrested after beating several children with canes and sticks. It is suspected that he physically abused children at several Norwegian mosques.

According to the newspaper the police suspect that the imam was violent against the children at several mosques. NRK reports that the police are investigating three mosques in the Drammen district, after one school in Drammen told the police that the children were afraid of being beaten in the mosque.

The suspicions against the imam are based on information from several children ages 6 to 12. The information come in the form of reports of concern from the school or as anonymous tips from concerned parents.

Due to the fear of reprisals, no parent dared step forward.

"He beat them on the hands and the back. The children expressed fear, and they are scared and dread going to the koran school. They know what awaits them,' says Nina Bjørlo of the Drammen police to NRK.

For fear that the families or children will be outcast from their communities, the police chose not to interrogate the parents or children during the investigation of the case.

The imam, who was arrested when the mosque was searched, rejects criminal guilt and denies using violence.

The police also suspects that the heads of several koran schools made use of the same punishment methods.

5) Australia

Recently Australia has seen several cases of assaults against Indian students. The violence was described as 'racist', and it was assumed that the perpetrators must be evil, racist, xenophobic whites.

Some felt differently however, pointing to historic tensions between Indian Hindus and Muslims, the latter of which have become a bellicose minority in parts of Australia.

Well, this article seems to bear them out:

Police say a crowd of about 150 people of Indian background had gathered at Wigram and Marion Streets in Harris Park last night, in protest at an assault on an Indian man aged in his 20s which occurred earlier in the evening by a group of men of Middle Eastern background.

A police spokeswoman said the man received minor injuries in the attack, but did not want to pursue the matter.

Shortly afterwards, a large crowd of Indian men congregated on Wigram St, where it is alleged they assaulted three men of Middle Eastern appearance who received minor cuts and bruises.

The trio were treated by ambulance officers.

Police remained in the area to monitor the remaining protesters, but a spokeswoman said they had now dispersed.

Hat tip: Crusader Rabbit, Gates of Vienna & Islam in Europe.

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