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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Left's Democracy in Action

Today newly-elected MEP Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the British National Party, was forced to abandon a press conference after being pelted with eggs by anti-fascism protesters.

This event took place outside the Houses of Parliament. Despite the fact that protests outside Parliament are illegal without prior planning, and as you would imagine it is quite well-guarded, the police were nowhere to be seen.

Griffin was chased down the street by the thugs, and only escaped when his own bodyguards managed to bundle him into a car.

The Mail reports:

A crowd of angry demonstrators rounded on his car as he arrived, shouting: 'Off our streets, Nazi scum' and then hurled eggs at him when he started talking.

Smashed eggs were clearly visible on his suit and he appeared distressed as he was manhandled by security back towards the car.

A jubilant Mr Griffin, 49, had only been speaking for a few minutes today when the protesters started chanting and waving banners declaring: 'Stop the fascist BNP.'

When they began throwing eggs, the leader's burly security guards bundled him away through the crowd.

The demonstrators kicked and hit at his car with their placards then cheered as the father of four was driven off.

Protest organiser Weyman Bennett, national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said people had to stand up to the neo-fascist party.

He said: 'The majority of people did not vote for the BNP, they did not vote at all. The BNP was able to dupe them into saying that they had an answer to people's problems.

'They presented themselves as a mainstream party. The reality was because the turnout was so low, they actually got elected.'

Mr Bennett compared the BNP leader to serial killer Harold Shipman, claiming he might appear friendly on the surface but was in fact a neo-Nazi.

'I think you have to look beneath the mask, you have to look beneath the surface,' he said.

'We cannot allow the politics of scapegoating to become the common currency of this country.'

Another protester, Sarah Kavanagh, added: 'Britain in two places has sent the far right to be with Europe. They clearly don't speak on behalf of the community and their views are abhorrent.'

Unite Against Fascism are an extreme and violent organisation. Logic should dictate that if the BNP have no place on the streets, they do not either.

It was people acting at the behest of this organisation which smashed a man over the head with a hammer in Manchester simply because of his political beliefs. They act far more like the fascists and Nazis they claim to despise than anyone else does.

You might notice their barely coherent ramblings. Was serial killer Harold Shipman a neo-Nazi, as Mr Bennett seems to be suggesting? I don't think he was, but if so would that be all that made him a bad person?

He also implies that because voter turn out was not 100%, the election of the BNP is somehow illegitimate. Why is this only true for them?

Why not UKIP, Labour or the Greens?

Take this statement from Sarah Kavanagh, masterful in how it manages to contradict itself in just two sentences:

'Britain in two places has sent the far right to be with Europe. They clearly don't speak on behalf of the community and their views are abhorrent.'

Well, if Britain has 'sent the far Right to be with Europe' in two places, then surely that does represent the views of the 'community', does it not?

I was under the impression that was how democracy worked. Their views may well be abhorrent - but the views of Sarah Kavanagh are pretty abhorrent to me. So what?

Does that give me the right to harass, assault and intimidate her, or prevent her from doing her job?

Of course not.

This is the problem with those on the Left. Democracy is only legitimate when they agree with the results. The rest of us have to put up or shut up either way.

The election of Barack Obama? TRIUMPH for democracy. The other potential outcome would have been an insult to democracy - despite the fact that either way, the majority of people had spoken.

When the other candidates stormed off stage in protest as Mr Griffin made his victory speech on Monday morning, they were not insulting him - they were insulting the people who voted for him, either because they support what he stands for or have nowhere else to turn.

But then, if the mainstream politicians cared about Britain and its people, presumably the BNP would not exist.

The mainstream parties need to wake up now - not to 'fight the BNP', but to actually listen to what people want.

A comment at the article nailed it:
Exactly. It' about time this country's elite started treating it as a mature democracy rather than a banana republic.

For all those who rant that Hitler was a democratically elected politician, and he managed to seize power, and abolish all other parties - I say actually objectively study the history of the period.

Hitler and the Nazis seized power because the zeitgeist was flowing their way. When Nazi thugs beat up Communists, Wilhelmine judges fearful of the consequences of Socialism and Communism declared 'boys will be boys' and were lenient.

They were scared of Communists and were much harsher. Of course, they were right to be scared, as like Nazism, Communism was an abomination - but at that time Nazism did not carry the historical baggage it does now.

But in the modern era, the zeitgeist flows away from Mr Griffin.

That's why he can be egged at a press conference and no one is arrested and many laugh, despite the fact nearly a million British people voted for him.

That is why he's celebrating the breakthrough of winning just two seats in the European Parliament, whilst newspapers ask their readers whether or not his party should be 'allowed' to take them.

The really dangerous people in this country today all identify with the Left - because that is where the power is.

What's more likely? Griffin becoming Prime Minister or otherwise seizing power, or Gordon Brown declaring a state of emergency under the terrifying (and very, very 'fascist') Civil Contingencies Act 2004 due to the BNP's breakthrough?

Maybe he'll be aided by his heroic, ideologically pure Antifa thugs; after all, we know he is determined to cling on to power at all costs.


KG said...

Great post! I've put up an excerpt and a link back to here at CR. :-)

Nick said...

I read a decent article at the Telegraph today; I think the author makes a good point. By attacking the BNP, any issues the BNP to discuss are declared verboten not by the BNP, or by the people of the UK, those who did not vote for the BNP as well as those who did. No, immigration and Islam are once again declared beyond the pale by the attackers. This in a democracy!

Ben said...

The disgraceful Left need to be put in their place, what would have happened if I'd thrown an egg at an Arabist like George Galloway and his terror-inspired gang? Is it correct that BNP Nick Griffin referred to the Holocaust as the "Holo-hoax"? Are his or his party's views anti-semitic?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Cheers KG.


That's a great article, sums up pretty well what I think of the situation.

I think it's important to point out that whatever the BNP say is not automatically moot through some modern 'Reductio ad Hitlerum'.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


As far as I'm aware, Griffin was once a Holocaust denier (or made comments to that effect) but has since renounced those views and admitted they are ridiculous.

I noticed however that during the Israel-Gaza conflict most grass roots BNP members seemed to be pro-Israel, much more so than a general grouping of British people.

The BNP also claim to have a Jewish councillor, although again I can't personally verify this.

Many of the people who bring up Griffin's past in this country are fine with the fact that 95% of the Labour Party elite are ex or committed Communists, and many serving MPs stood up in our Parliament to laud Fidel Castro when he resigned and let his brother take over - so I tend to take what they say with a healthy pinch of salt.

It seems if you dig in a politician's past, very few are ideologically pure.

Dr.D said...

So,...tell me again, just who are the fascists in England?

Do we judge people by what they do, or by what other people say about them? Particularly when those other people are the political enemies of the first person?

I have yet to read about any BNP thugs roughing up folks, but I have certainly heard enough about it going the other way. And there has been more than a little bit of slander and libel of the BNP without any sort of solid, documented justification offered.

Now, when the leader of the BNP seeks to speak to people, to make a statement about what the BNP stands for, is he allowed to speak freely so that all may hear and understand to remove any confusion? Not so as you might notice.

It really looks like the BNP are following the high road, and all the rest are on the very low road, just judging by what is done and said. Of course no one can read another man's mind, so we cannot say how wonderful and noble his thoughts are as he seeks to bash Nick Griffin, but we can certain judge his actions. I hope everyone is watching closely and making an intelligent evaluation.

Joe O'Neill said...

I am allways amazed that Irish,Scottish and Welsh Nationalists are praised for being the voice of the people but English Nationalists are somehow not legitimate !
I recall in the late 1960's a debate on BBC TV between Richard Crossman MP for Coventry East and Oswald Moseley the leader of the League of fascists, the conversation was peppered with the use of the word Fascists in every sentence by Richard Crossman, after a while Oswald Moseley asked Crossman " why do you use the word fascist all the time and what do you mean by it" Crossman replied that "fascists would lock people up without a trial" at this point Moseley leant to his briefcase under the table and bought out a document which was an arrest warrant locking up Moseley ( without trial) , it was signed by amongst others Crossman, at that point the screen went blank.the programe was cut off the air.