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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Apprentice Winner's Father Has Harem

The Left-wing Daily Mirror does simpering dhimmitude quite well, but it surpassed itself yesterday with an article on the family situation of Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan, whose father is Iranian.

The headline screams: A harem and 12 kids..but dad showed me how to be a winner.

Of course. Because we wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that such unconventional living arrangements can emotionally damage all concerned. We wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that the married family, the building block of civilisation, was somehow superior to letting an Iranian immigrant claim benefits for wives and mistresses.

Her father has three wives, 12 children and even moved his mistress into the family home.

But it was this unconventional upbringing which gave gutsy Yasmina Siadatan the drive and determination to be crowned Sir Alan Sugar's latest Apprentice.

Far from condemning Iranian dad Medi's complex love life, she praises him for inspiring her victory.

Of course she does. But then, we do live in a society which sees selfishness and 'if it feels right, do it' as the ultimate aspirations.

The article continues:

Dad Medi now lives in the Middle East with his harem but is said to be proud of his high-flying daughter.

The tycoon, 57, who made his money in catering, came to the UK from Italy in 1975 and married Yasmina's mother Paula in Leeds a year later. They had three children together - Matthew, Tim and Yasmina - but after just two years of marriage Medi began an affair.

He eventually confessed to Paula who astonishingly agreed to let his girlfriend move in.

However, the bizarre arrangement was not a success and, after three difficult months, Medi and Paula filed for divorce. He said: "The jealousy was terrible. Paula and I agreed to divorce and I decided that, in future, I would follow the Muslim way.

"My religion says, just as a lion has at least four females in his pride, a man can take up to four women."

In 1986 Medi married Italian Cinzia Crispimo, now 47, in an Islamic ceremony in Turkey. Three years later he wed a second Italian, Stefania Loi, 41, before getting hitched to Brit Sarah Deakin, 35, in 1993.

Medi later launched a doomed legal battle challenging Britain's laws against polygamy and was a leader in a campaign for the UK to recognise Islamic partnerships. Yasmina and her brothers have long accepted their father's polygamy and are said to call Cinzia, Stefania and Sarah all "mum".

Medi said of his wives: "I decide during the day who I am going to be sleeping with. I don't have a rota and occasionally the four of us push the beds together.

"I don't like to see my wives feeling left out.

"I'm living in good harmony, we live together very well, the women have no jealousy. They know I have enough love for all of them."

He has even contemplating another wife. Medi said: "My wives and I have discussed this and they know I may introduce somebody else in the future. She will be another friend for them."

The lion comparison is apt - because animals can't control themselves. Human beings are supposed to be able to show self-restraint and self-respect.

How much self-respect can these women really have?

What sort of loathing for their own culture and their own values must they have felt in order to wish to live like this?

This will be our downfall as a society and a civilisation. We are raised to despise ourselves and our history, whilst people who live like this are raised to have confidence and shout it from the rooftops so that one day we might all be 'accepting' and 'tolerant'.

The idea that being raised like this is responsible for her success is simply laughable, unless of course the confidence is just a cover for low self-esteem.

But then, I suppose the idea that a journalist might wish to analyse this situation rather than simply celebrating it as another nail in the coffin for our values is absurd.


Dr.D said...

It is astounding that this rogue is married to three European women! Have the women of Europe already given up? That is really bad news if that is the case. This moves society rapidly toward the 7th century, possibly toward living in caves and getting around by camel. (Just remember all the marvelous inventions of modern life that have come from the izlamic counties; count them off: 0....)

WAKE UP said...

Actually, it's the dumbshit, downbeat women who are the problem here - what's wrong with them that they would let this guy get away with this stuff? I note one was named Paula.

Paula: you should know better.